A Thorough Review of Fluval Edge Aquariums


The Fluval Edge aquarium comes in a unique 3D cube design. Its versatile architecture and compact structure make it an ideal complement for limited spaces like kitchen, desktop, coffee tables. These aquariums are embellished with white and blue LED bulbs to create breathtakingly beautiful ‘broad daylight’ and ‘moonlight’ underwater effects.

A crystal clear glass aquarium is neatly placed inside a pedestal which provides support to the tank and it appears as if the aquarium is floating in the air. All the essential equipments such as electrical wiring, and connectors for the Fluval power filter, are smartly concealed inside the pedestal column, allowing an unhindered all-round view of the interior.

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Fluval Edge aquariums are available in two variants, 6 and 12 gallon fish tanks and three different colours: black, white and silver. It has a powerful, high quality 3 stage filter that skims the dirt out of the water, keeps it fresh, and circulates oxygen in it to keep the environment of the aquarium fresh and healthy for the fishes.

The 6 gallon aquarium is a perfect choice for fishes that are a bit on the smaller side. It comes in two tones: black and white. This model includes 21 LED bulbs which give the plants and fishes a stunning vibrant look, reminiscent of the natural marine view under the shining sun.

The second model can contain 12 gallons of water and comes in all the three colours. 42 LED lights have been added to generate a grand illumination. Turn on the three blue bulbs during the night-time and watch the colourful fishes play under the spectacular moonlight in serenity.


Unparalleled Design

Fluval Edge aquariums are in a league of their own as far as design is concerned. Its neatly chiselled contours, shrewdly hidden trailing wires and other components procreate a panoramic 360 degree view for the onlookers and leave the space uncluttered. The fully sealed top enables you to fill the tank to the brim and also slashes down the rate of water evaporation. There is also a stylish cover on the top where the LEDs are fitted.

Compactness and Powerful Filtration

The Fluval Edge filter flushes out the fish excrements, debris and other dirt particles by circulating the water through biological, mechanical and chemical media. It keeps up the required level of oxygen in the water as well. Its compact size and magnificent design can transform the entire look of plain tabletops and ordinary office rooms.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Any novice can assemble the kit without any hassle. It has a retractable cover which keeps the heat, moisture, and dust at bay. You can access the filter easily by opening the case in which all the essentials are housed side by side.

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Despite of garnering rave reviews from general customers and expert aquarists alike, there is no denying of the fact that it is not free of drawbacks. The biggest minus point of this otherwise brilliant design is its size options. The 6 gallon variant, especially, allows little choice of fishes for stocking inside it. A fish that grows beyond 6 inches cannot be sufficiently accommodated in such a tank.

The narrow opening on the top of the aquarium is another setback. It makes access to the inside of the tank and putting in a new fish difficult. However, this problem can be overcome by scooping out some water in the beginning.

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend purchasing a Fluval Edge aquarium for its portable size and marvellous exterior. Providing an unobstructed aerial view of the interiors is an extraordinary feature. Being able to observe the activities of fishes from every angle feels heavenly. The 3 stage filtration system is impressive, the sealed glass top and easy maintenance make it an overall great purchase for the aquarium loyalists.

7 Excellent Betta Tank Mates for Your Siamese Fighting Fish

You might also be interested in the best fish tanks for your Betta.

The Siamese fighting fish or Betta splendens is the most celebrated member of the Gourami family. Colloquially known as Betta, this aesthetically pleasing fish has an invasive character hidden behind the grandeur of appearance.

As the very name of the species suggests, it behaves aggressively towards the fishes of their own community. Even though the female ones are occasionally co-operative, the male fishes are likely to fight each other to death if you happen to put them into the same tank. Even the most seasoned aquarists would admit to have a tough time housing these territorial species.

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In their native place South-East Asia, B. splendens thrive in rice paddies, warm standing waters, and flood plains, primarily in ditches of Thailand (also called Siam, hence the name Siamese Fighting Fish), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Contrary to popular belief, a spacious environment to swim, proper heating, and filtration are the necessary elements for a healthy aquarium environment for your multi-coloured fighter fish. Still, they require significantly less maintenance compared to most other fishes, giving rise to a growing market of self cleaning fish tanks suitable for Bettas.

Picture credit: andyram1
Picture credit: andyram1

These hyper-aggressive fishes are not at all in need of a tank mate. If you still wish to keep other fishes in the same tank, I would suggest you to choose the species wisely to avoid turning your aquarium into a battle ground of marine world war. As a rule of thumb, if you have a tank that can hold minimum ten gallons of water, you can go ahead with finding a roomie for your Betta.

Buying a suitable aquarium for your Betta isn’t the hardest part. Choosing the right tank mates for these wild fishes is undoubtedly a Herculean task. The individual characteristic of the Betta has an important role to play here.

From my personal experience, I can say that Siamese fighting fishes are often misunderstood regarding how they behave with other species. They can actually live peacefully with a few other communities. Although some of those other species are overly wild, especially during their breeding season, they generally do not cause any significant damage to either your Betta or the fish tank. Here are our top 7 picks of Betta tank mates:

1. Ember Tetras

Picture credit: Lauris Karpovs Ziemelis
Picture credit: Lauris Karpovs Ziemelis

Ember Tetras (Hyphessobrycon amandae) are suitable to be housed with Betta fishes for their peaceful, submissive nature and can survive under the same condition as their Siamese tank mate. They are the creatures of shallow water in the lower Amazon basin. These fishes are small in size, having an average length of 15-20 mm. Both communities love to swim around floating plants in the water, so, make sure you decorate the aquarium with lots of plants and other natural elements.

Embers are not fin nippers and have dull colour which further adds to its viability. They are comfortable in acidic water with a pH level between 5.0-6.5, a temperature between 20-29 degrees and gentle filtration. They enjoy eating brine shrimps, flakes, and blood worms. They can be an ideal fit in community fish tanks for their amazing compatibility level. It doesn’t really like to take up fights with larger, boisterous Bettas.

2. Harlequin Rasboras

harlequin rasbora
Picture courtesy: RCU2

The scientific name for harlequin Rasboras is Trigonostrigma heteromorpha. In their natural habitat, this species live side by side with Bettas without being violent — which means they have a natural compatibility towards each other. The chief reason to consider harlequin for your Betta tank is its appearance.

They are not fin nippers and don’t possess bright colours, giving themselves no chance of being diagnosed as a male Betta by your Betta fish. Both can survive peacefully under similar conditions and also share similar dietary habits. These omnivorous fishes are about 2 inches in size, easy to take care of and can live in a group of 8-10 alongside a Betta in an aquarium. Give them bloodworms, flake foods, Tubifex and an occasional treat of fry infusoria.

3. White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Picture credit: pongo_c

The name is not the only impressive thing about this fish from the mountainous regions of China. White Cloud Mountain Minnows or Tanichthys albonubes can be easily housed with mortal combatants like Bettas in the same tank. It’s a bit tricky to find this gorgeous species in local shops as their locality is limited to the Delta region of Pearl River. Moreover, it has been officially declared as an endangered species by the China government.

These fishes hardly nip the fins of their co-habitants and dwell peacefully with other communities in the same tank. The ideal pH range of the water for this fish is 6.0-7.5. You might face troubles while setting a right temperature for your Betta fish tank as Mountain Minnows are cold water fishes and Bettas prefer warm water. To make the tank water suitable for both communities, keep it at a moderate temperature of around 75F.

4. Pygmy Corydora

Picture by: Carnat Joel
Picture by: Carnat Joel

Among the numerous species of Corydoras Catfish, Pygmy is regarded as the most compatible tank mate for violent aquatic animals like the Siamese fighting fish. The members of the Corydorus pygmaeus group are found in the waterways of the South American region.

Keeping them in a school of 6-10 fishes along with Betta will be harmless for both communities. Younger fishes are bottom feeders and eat insect larvae. There is no way they would agitate a Betta since they have dull colour. Dwelling in a water pH level of up to 7.0 is not an issue for them either. Their tiny size and calm nature make them a perfect roomie for your pet Betta.

5. Loaches

Picture courtesy: Pierce Soracco
Picture courtesy: Pierce Soracco

Loaches are one of the most sold fishes around the globe for community aquariums. Both Betta and Loaches are tropical fishes, so, you need not worry about creating a mutually favourable condition for both communities. Loaches are however slightly aggressive. Putting them in groups of 6 is the best way to avoid any potential face-off between the Betta and Loaches.

There are many varieties of Loaches. Pond Loaches are the most preferred as domesticated fishes. Its eel-like look, olive green hue and shy nature rarely catch the attention of a Betta. Pond Loaches are bottom-dwelling scavengers and live on Tubifex, bloodworms and other microorganisms.

6. Feeder Guppies

Picture by: DianesDigitals
Picture by: DianesDigitals

Feeder Guppies are easily identifiable by the absence of flashy coloured fins and black spots all over their skin. Feeder Guppies are dull in colour and adaptive to a wide range of conditions.

These species are bred in the fish farms and ponds of Florida. They are found in myriads of shapes, ranging from top sword, double sword and bottom sword fin type. Feeder guppies are tiny and mostly bland, so, you can fit them alongside a Betta comfortably.

7. Clown Pleco

Picture courtesy: Benjamin Pecka
Picture courtesy: Benjamin Pecka

Panaqolus maccus or Clown Plecos are beautiful, tiny, harmless algae-eaters who can get along nicely with territorial marine creatures like Betta. They are beneficial in keeping the water of the aquarium clean by eating algae. They also enjoy gorging on driftwood.

A Betta will think twice before getting into a tiff with a powerful catfish like Clown Pleco. These fishes like to roam freely, therefore, a large aquarium of around 20 gallons of water or more is preferred. They thrive well in soft, mildly acidic water.

Summing it up

The mysterious world of aquatic animals has a diversity beyond the imagination of a human being. People like me who try their best replicate a part of this world inside an aquarium know how much effort it takes.

Siamese fighting fishes are no less than the knights in shining armour, they are brave, flamboyant, vigorous and pride of the aquariums. Perhaps these are qualities that make them one of the largest selling aquarium fishes in so many countries.

I hope this guide about betta tank mates has been useful to you. So, now that you know a lot about what other fishes you can keep alongside your Betta, what are the other fishes that you are planning to keep in your Betta tank?

Header Photo by: Sarawut Korsoongsak

A Thorough Review of Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand looks simple, yet elegant in its appeals. At first sight it resembles any normal wardrobe that you may buy online. But if you take a look at its design and built, you will feel comfortable with its strength and stamina. It can support any size, shape and weight of aquarium you may bring home. Now, let’s take a closer look at the product and see what the review has in store for you.

A closer look

It has an exterior design for accommodating the most fragile aquarium you can find for protecting it from heat, moisture, fungal and insect-buildup.  The Cam-Assembly locking-system protects your precious aquatic-collections from shocks and accidental internal-breaks.

Elegance and style is brought into a simple structure like the Fundamental upright stand you wish to own. I would suggest you to take the Green model, because the fishes might feel comfortable with this color, which resembles natural surroundings.

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Product Specifications

It measures 49.4” x 13.1” x 28.2” in size. That means you could fit it into your little bed-room or kitchen also. Its weight of nearly 75 pounds may seem “heavy”, if you choose to frequently shift it within your home. Otherwise, you will feel the weight is right to support 55-gallon aquarium without collapsing in the long run.


Well-dressed to use and easy to maintain

You could keep the stand anywhere in your home, corporate-office, business-center etc. It is built to attract people’s instant attention. Moreover, when you place a size-fitting aquarium, it seems to add extra-space to living-room virtually.

It looks very easy to maintain. Its polished exterior interior surfaces are scratch-proof and easily washable. However, I suggest that you use a moist cloth to wipe its surface after vacuum-clean. Make sure that you don’t expose it to direct heat and sunlight for long to get better life-span.

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It has a plain & flat design. If you are a person who prefers artistic aquarium models, it may fall short of expectations. However if you feel modishness is something which may go beyond few designer carvings this is your right Fish-Tank-Stand.

My Assessment

The stand is pretty sturdy, especially for the price, while still being fairly compact. While the official specifications may suggest you an ideal fish tank size of 55 Gallons and less, my experience says it can take a lot more load than that. Think of the 60-75 Gallon range.

Not only that, the various storage compartments inside of the stand ensure that you can store all your aquarium-related equipments, including fish food, spare pumps, filters and all, in a safe place without having the risk of forgetting where you kept them. So, unless you’re looking for a designer-grade aquarium stand for your fish tank, the Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand should be a great choice for your precious fish tank.

A Detailed Review of 15 Gallon All Glass Aquarium AAG10015 Fish Tank

All Glass Aquarium AAG10015

All Glass Aquarium is a noted name when it comes to tanks for fish and other aquatic pets. The manufacturer has the repute of manufacturing an exclusive range of aquariums. You might be having one at your home. After thorough research, I purchased an All Glass Aquarium AAG10015 Tank Black, 15-Gallon for better display of different fish and aquatic pets. Unlike the acrylic counterparts, glass tanks are sturdy. You will not notice scratches on the surface of the glass aquarium. Even with years of regular use, it will seem to be new. I have assessed few attributes of this aquarium.

A few important specifications

It is manufactured of flat glass sheets with utmost care and has a wide range of applications. You can obtain these aquariums in a wide variant of shape and size.

  • The dimension of this aquarium is 24.2x 12.5 inches and has a depth of almost 12.8 inches. Shipping weight of this product is almost 20.8 pounds.
  • These aquariums are available in Oak and Black trim styles that give a finished look to the aquarium.
  • In large aquariums, manufacturers have not used glass bowing procedures rather you will notice center-braced frames carved out of a single-piece. In this model, there is no scope of drilling.

Different specifications of this aquarium make it perfect to satiate my need. When you purchase it, you will also agree on its efficacy.

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Perfect for aquatic pets

This aquarium is perfect for both salt-water and tropical aquatic set-up. Superior quality construction of this aquarium makes it a desired product. The canopy on this aquarium ensures that control of temperature is appropriate for aquatic pets. However, there is no light fixture in this aquarium. This glass aquarium is inexpensive in nature in comparison to other variants. It is a perfect product for your aquatic products, and you can have it at your doorstep within a day of placing the order.

Verdict of customers

Users of this variant of aquariums are full of praises and considers All Glass Aquariums are one of their kinds. Based on the review of customers, it has been rated three stars. As per customer reviews, if your aquariums suffer damages or if it is delivered to you is broken then, you can get it replaced fast. As per rules, you will receive a new aquarium.

Easy availability of product

Now, one-day shipping is applicable for this product. You can save on your purchase with different rebates levied on this product by the sellers. If you have a gift card, you can save considerably on the purchase. This aquarium is shipped within the boundaries of the country. You do not have to pay any extra charges for shipping. It is now easy to track the order with the innovative mechanism utilized by the sellers. It helped me a lot when the aquarium is in transit. If you want to gift the aquarium without paying extra, you can have it gift-wrapped and sent to the destination.

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Well, glass might not be a good option for everyone. In case, you are not satisfied with the product, you can opt for thirty days return of the product. This applicable from the day you receive this product. Different features of this aquarium make it a perfect for your aquatic pets.

Marineland Biowheel Aquarium Kit with LED Light (10 Gallon) Review


Hi, I’m Timothy and this is my first time writing a fish tank review for Aquariphiles. Have you ever thought of having fish as pet? If not you need to make sure to try it at least once. I have been living with fish for over 10 years now and found them to be the best pet one can have. Unlike any other pets, you do not need a lot of time to take care of your fish. You do not need to take them out for a walk, you do not need to give them bath every other day, and you do not have to take them to your vet for vaccination. Besides their low maintenance needs, they also do not require any extra budget for food and supplies, the thing I like the most about them.

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To make them happy, all I did was to provide them a conducive living environment and shared some love with them from time to time.  Keeping fish as pets can be a great stress buster, as they add a sense of calmness and companionship in the atmosphere. Besides that their habitat – the aquarium adds a nice natural décor to your living room or bed room.

The most important challenge that I faced to fulfil my hobby of keeping fish as pets was to look for an ideal home for them, but I was lucky that I did not have to struggle hard to arrange one, thanks to my friends who all suggested going with the Marineland Bio-Wheel 10 Gallon aquarium kit.

Following are some of the unique characteristics of this kit that helped me make my purchasing decision without even thinking twice.

Some Great Features:

  • The Hood – a sleek and elegantly designed hood is what makes this aquarium different from the others. It provides easy access for feeding, filtration and putting various accessories inside.
  • LED Lights – the Marineland Bio-Wheel aquarium kit comes with separate LED lights for day and night. The LED lights that work during the day produce the effect of a natural sunlight, whereas the night LED lights create a dazzling atmosphere to brighten the surroundings. The LEDs used are also environmental friendly as they do not contain Mercury. The LED lights come with a three mode ON/OFF switch, the day time switch, the night time switch and the OFF switch.
  • Bio Wheel Filter – it is the Bio-Wheel Filtration technology that makes sure that the fish enjoy a cleaned and purified water 24/7. The Bio-Wheel filtration system delivers a unique 3-stage filtration. The large sized Bio-Wheels perform the biological filtration by removing toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact, whereas the Rite-Size filter cartridges remove odour, debris, dust and other impurities form the water.
  • Submersible Heater – a submersible heater is provided with the kit to use during the winter season and ensure that the fish enjoy a nice and cozy temperature to swim around.


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Awesome LED lightings
  • Excellent Filtration System
  • Noiseless


  • I faced some problems while cleaning the filtration system.

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Final Verdict

All in all the Marineland Bio-Wheel 10 Gallon aquarium kit is undoubtedly the best bang for the bucks you spend. It comes loaded with all the features that you need to make your fish happy and it is very easy to assemble and maintain.

A Review of Marina Style 5 Gallon Aquarium Start-up Kit


Aquarium keeping has become a popular way of stress relief in the hectic world we live in. It may take just one look at your favourite fish to calm you down and bring the balance you need to continue with your office work. This is why the trend of aquarium fish keeping attracts more and more fans worldwide who realize the benefits of the water therapy. Whether you already belong to the group of aquarium enthusiasts or you have always been interested in sea animals, your everyday life will change for the better once you start your own marina style aquarium.  When choosing a new aquarium you will be amazed at how many different products are available to meet your needs and those of your little fish friends.  Most people start with small aquariums that are easy to maintain , then upgrade to professional levels with more complicated filters, pumps and special lighting mechanisms. If you are not sure what to start with, or you would like to surprise your kids with an interesting gift, get the Marina Style 5 Aquarium Kit.

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General Description about the Marina Style 5

The small aquarium  is made of well designed clear  glass, with a fully closed lid which prevents your fish from jumping out of its new home. When you want to clean the tank, just remove the hood. The filter is positioned outside and it works fine with several settings to choose from. Even after a year of constant use, the filtration  system  on the marina style aquarium still works well. The only complaint is that it sometimes vibrates loudly, but this can be fixed either by using some tape or as some owners suggest, by tapping it.  It is amazing that this small  aquarium comes with such a powerful filter though , as many similar products are sold with weak filtering systems .  This marine style aquarium kit is a perfect starter kit, great for parents who want their children become responsible pet owners and it is also a wonderful present for people of all ages. Although it is small,  your favourite goldfish will find the new home luxurious compared to the ordinary bowl. The  aquarium comes with good accessories that are easy to handle and maintain thanks to the user manual with clear instructions that lead you smoothly through the set up process. To sum it up, this is what you get when you purchase the marina style aquarium kit:

  • 5 gallon glass tank.
  • Marina Slim S10 filter , plus the cartridges that you change to keep the water clean.
  • Incandescent canopy – the lighting system in any aquarium is not for decoration only, it is meant to regulate the natural balance within the aquarium. Artificial light should be fixed above the tank and left on for about 11 to 13 hours which is the period of daylight in tropical regions.
  • The bottom frame with a 15-watt clear bulb that adds more light for the plants and fish.
  • Nutrafin Max fish food, Nutrafin AquaPlus and Nutrafin Cycle for cycling the tank thus making it as close to the natural habitat as possible.
  • A thermometer and a fish net – water temperature is an important issue especially when keeping tropical fish used to living in warm waters. The net is useful for taking your fish out when cleaning the aquarium or in case you want to get rid of any food debris.
  • Care guide – perfect for beginners to learn about basic fish care , but advanced users also find it useful and interesting to look through.

The Hagen company offers help with all your claims within 24 hours of submitting while it is also possible to register online to receive quicker and better support  and extend  the basic warranty.

Product Details

  • Dimensions – 8 x 16 x 10 inches ( 8 inches long x 16 inches wide x 10 inches tall
  • Weight – 12 pounds
  • Material – glass tank with a lid

Marina Style Aquarium Compared to Other Similar Products

Whether you are shopping for a new pair of shoes or a new aquarium, it is good if you can choose from a variety of items to find the product that best suits your personal needs. As there are many 5 gallon aquarium kits on the market , it may take some time until you find the best one. The Fluval Spec Aquarium 5 Gallon comes with different dimensions than the Marina Style Aquarium, the former being longer and with aluminum trim. Both are made of glass, with powerful filters that may be too strong for some fish species. The Marina Style Kit has incandescent lights that most fish experts try to avoid because it causes the water to become unstable or they heat too much. Although the Fluval 5 Gallon Aquarium comes with 37 LED Lighting System, some users claim that it is not strong enough to grow plants. On the other hand, both aquariums are well designed for offices, schools and homes. The Fluval aquarium kit does not however contain the same items such as the Marina aquarium,  the net, thermometer, fish food and care guide for beginners. Both items are easy to set up, and can be positioned easily on any surface. If you like to watch your fish at night , the Fluval Spec Aquarium comes with the night mode blue light that illuminates the fish perfectly. With both aquariums you might have to perform some minor adjustments or changes to the pumps or the lights, but generally speaking, both items are perfect homes for goldfish and some plants.


  • Excellent quality filters and a good pump.
  • Good hood made of high quality material and easily removed for cleaning.
  • Clear tank glass.
  • Bottom frame so the tank does not touch the surfaces and you can easily clean it.


  • The noise generated by the filter may seem too much to some people.
  • The lights – most people prefer LED lights.

Customer Reactions

Most customers agree that this aquarium kit is excellent for those starting a fish tank as well as for people who want a safe place for their fish, snails and even frogs. The most important thing that is stressed by customers  is not to put too many fish in the tank because that can harm  your pets. Users are happy with the design, the glass quality and the fact that this small tank fits nicely on office desks and in bedrooms. Most complaints are about the lights , but when you do some research you realize that most small aquariums come with similar issue. One user sums it up by  saying that the Marina Style Aquarium has been used for three months without any major problems and with water changes once a month and some  light adjustments, the aquarium is a great home for his fish.

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Verdict – Why Choose Marina Style 5 Glass Aquarium Kit?

First of all , it is perfect to get familiar with aquarium keeping especially for children. It is a complete aquarium kit with everything you need to start with, it works properly for such a small tank and if you do not have high expectations from a starter kit, you will be satisfied . If you need new friends in your kitchen that will silently swim in virtual tropical waters and remind you of the ocean, then you should definitely get this fish tank , or give it to someone as a gift. The best thing is , with the Marina Style Aquarium your office or home will not only look great , the miniature aquarium with goldfish  can develop your business representing  a strong feng shui element known to attract happiness.

A Detailed Review of Marina Style 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit


Before you purchase an aquarium you’ll want to make sure that it’s going to work for everything that you need it for. So I’m going to attempt to provide all of the information that you might want to know before you choose this one.

Ease of Use

This aquarium is actually quite simple to use. Because it includes nearly everything you need to get started you can unpack the tank, fill it up with water and add the water additives that are already included with the package. You want to make sure you wait at least 24 hours for the additives to circulate so that your water will be comfortable when you add the fish. After the 24 hours you’ll be able to slowly add the fish into the water. Install the filter, Nutrafin AquaPlus, Nutrafin Cycle and light (which are also included with the tank) and your tank will stay clean and bright for your fish. You can also add gravel, plants and other decorations to your tank.

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Important Considerations

  • There is no explicit warranty on this tank though you can request one from the manufacturer.
  • Tank is great for fish of all types but is not at all intended for turtles as they grow too large far too quickly.
  • Great tank for small areas or for children’s rooms because of its small size.
  • Fish are recommended to have 1 gallon of water per 1” in size.
  • Tank filter works quietly so you can keep this tank in a bedroom.

Product Details

Accessories Included

  • Fish food
  • Water pump
  • Filter
  • Net
  • Hood
  • Light
  • Water conditioner
  • Water chlorine neutralizer
  • Thermometer

Optional Accessories Not Included

  • Gravel
  • Air pump
  • Heater
  • Plants
  • Décor


  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 20 x 12 Inches
  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Size: 10 Gallons


  • Filter operates very quietly without excessive vibrations
  • Small size, does not take up much room
  • All inclusive tank helps you get started fast


  • Because the light that is included is a universal one it’s a little big to sit tight to the tank
  • Light is a little dim to really see the fish the way you’d want to

Product Comparison

There are other tanks similar to this one in size, some of which include additional components. This tank is very good overall in comparison however, because the additional components are all useful, whereas some of the other tanks come with decorations or gravel instead of water additives and a net. It also has a great price overall.

Consumer Reviews

Overall this tank has received a number of positive reviews. Being made of glass it is much sturdier and resistant to scratching than most beginner tanks. It also has a moderate size that makes it good for different types of fish or more fish. With the addition of some plants, decorations and gravel it looks great very quickly and in any room.

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Bottom Line

All in all this is a good little tank. It is large enough to comfortably hold several fish (depending on the type of fish) and contains everything you need to get started for a reasonably low price. Reviews seem to suggest that this is a good quality tank and that it will hold up very well for a long time.

Carolina Special 55 Gallon Marine Aquarium Kit Review


Marine Kit, 55 gallon comes along with possibly everything you need to create a nourishing life for your aqua pet, everything from: fish food, water conditioner, thermometer, filtration system and a whole set up guide that you can use to ease yourself in the whole process.

Why Carolina Pet Supplies

Carolina aquariums have been providing a vast collection of aqua pet supplies with a number of facilities ever since it was introduced. It provides all types of aquariums/fish tanks that come along with latest technologies to ensure the suitable living space for aqua-life, manufactured with precise procedures and are also adequate for supporting different breeds of fishes from(fresh water, salt water, etc.).

In a hurry? Get the Carolina 55 Gallon Marine Kit at the CHEAPEST price on Amazon!

Features of the Marine Kit, Carolina 55 Gallon

This marine kit, Carolina package creates a sturdy, stylish foundation as a fish tank. With an extravagant capacity of 55 gallons in which you can easily support different breeds of fishes with ease and comfort and all of them will grow in a sustainable, conditioning environment. The dimensions of the body of the tank are flawlessly balanced. The stand is a solid, strong foundation for supporting the top. You can even pick out your choice of pump and filter and fulfill the conditions to support either fresh or salt water fish. For illuminating the tank, an LED lighting system is integrated in the hood, they also last way longer than regular bulbs/lights.

Other Features:

  • Capacity: 55 gallons approx.
  • Dimensions: tank- 48x13x20, stand- 49.4×14.9×30
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Material: glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: Carolina aquariums

Customer Feedback

Its demand is growing vigorously among consumers as the kit includes all the necessities to support your fish, therefore saving you multiple trips to the store, with everything you need in hand, and you just need to set it up. Its demand is basically because of the easiness it provides to customers in the whole fish keeping process.

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Conclusion and Verdict

I found the product, nothing but the best. The main reason apparently goes back to all the appliances it offers in a single package, but not just this, the appliances and other systems of the tank work flawlessly beyond its warranty time. The LED lighting system is a good approach that saves energy, works better and longer than regular lights and you don’t have to worry about the dark spots which make it hard to have a clear view.

Bio Wheel 55 Gallon Aquarium Start-up Kit Review


The Bio Wheel 55 gallon kit is a complete kit contains everything to fulfill your aqua pet’s needs. It even includes fish food and water conditioner, so you would just need to unbox the package and set up and wait 24 hours for the temperature to equally regulate and then you can add your fishes.

Why Perfecto-United Pet Group

Perfecto-United Pet Group has a wide reputation as a leading, global marketer and excellent manufacturer of pet supplies with recognized, established brand names. United Pet Group’s main goal is fulfilling the requirements of pet owners who want utmost living conditions for their pets. Their preference over other companies is mainly because they manufacture world class branded products and market them with their retail partners.

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Bio Wheel Kit’s Technological Aspects

The bio wheel kit 55-gallon comes along with an excellent LED technology feature fixated in the hood, it controls a quick and easy 3 position switch on and a blue off, it can easily hold a capacity of 55 gallons, it also has fluorescent lightning feature, filtration and water conditioning system that stables the water temperature suitable for fishes, it also consist of a heater with 200 watt power which is submersible, a fish net, thermometer, a food and water guide samples to feed your fishes and a set up guide as well to help you to through the whole process.

Extra Features of Bio Wheel Kit 55 Gallon

  • Dimensions: 50.5x15x23.5 inches
  • Shipping weight: 72.4 lbs.
  • Tank’s capacity: 55 gallons
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Material: glass

Customer Feedback

The product has been receiving quite good customer feedback because of the reliability of the product, excellent filtration system, food and water guide and the LED lightning feature which is a unique approach because it saves energy and costs both. To ensure that every customer is satisfied with the experience it even gives one year warranty.

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Conclusion and Verdict

The Bio Wheel Kit 55 gallon, is proving out to be quite a good choice. The LED panels give a lustrous effect to the aquarium, making it a very festive addition to our house. Although the water conditioner is not very efficient, and the net is not long enough to reach the bottom of the tank either but nothing has broken, fallen apart or stopped working and we are still using it for about a year.  The filtration system is good, works impeccably, and the whole set up procedure will be quick and easy.

Review of Acrylic 55 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium

acrylic rectangle aquarium

Acrylic rectangle aquarium offers the capacity and strength of a large sized glass tank but just minus the hassle. To start with, these acrylic aquariums weigh exactly half of what an equivalent sized glass tank would weigh and double in strength as well. Sounds amazing? Well, not just this but the material(acrylic) of these aquariums reflects light more efficiently and you get a 40% brighter view in the tank without even causing harm to your fishes that regular lights may cause.

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Why Advance Aquatic Tanks

Advance aquatic tanks provide life-time warranty against leakage and manufacture the most, qualitative acrylic aquariums. All Clear-for-Life aquariums are hand made with unique materials, precision manufacturing methods and technological advancements. As far as value is concerned Advance aquatic tanks provides the highest quality acrylic aquariums which are brighter, lighter and stronger than glass tanks. Also other versatile variety of tanks/aquariums is available to select from depending upon size, design and the number of your pets at prices leveling up to the quality.

Durability and Technologies of Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium

Bright appearance

The first quality that captures about Acrylic aquariums is their vibrant appearance. They are bright, captivating without those not so appealing sealant or green tints. Comparatively, 40-50% brighter than ordinary glass tanks.

Durability – Safer, Stronger

Acrylic aquariums are vastly more durable, stronger and reliable than their glass counterparts. They are virtually leak proof and do not shatter easily.

Higher insulation

Fluctuation in aquatic environment is simply not healthful for the inhabitants. But these acrylic aquariums provide competing stability in temperature changes for the aquatic life as they are 20% more insulated than glass aquariums and therefore secures the healthy, cool environment for fishes to survive and grow in.

Some Fantastic Features of Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium

  • 40% brighter and more transparent than glass
  • 17x stronger than glass
  • 20% more insulated than glass
  • Life time warranty
  • Capacity- 55 gallons
  • Made with finest quality of acrylic
  • Dimensions of (L x W x H): 36″ x 15″ x 24″, fixture length: 24’’

Customer Feedback and Performance

Amazon’s Acrylic Aquarium has received amazing customer feedback and 5-star ratings as well, which speaks up for the eminent quality of the product.

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Conclusion and Verdict

I am elated with the use of Acrylic rectangle aquarium, the product is simply one of the best. It is 4 feet long and will form a prominent presence in your house and it will surely produce a sustainable environment for your fishes.