Review of Acrylic 55 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium

acrylic rectangle aquarium

Acrylic rectangle aquarium offers the capacity and strength of a large sized glass tank but just minus the hassle. To start with, these acrylic aquariums weigh exactly half of what an equivalent sized glass tank would weigh and double in strength as well. Sounds amazing? Well, not just this but the material(acrylic) of these aquariums reflects light more efficiently and you get a 40% brighter view in the tank without even causing harm to your fishes that regular lights may cause.

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Why Advance Aquatic Tanks

Advance aquatic tanks provide life-time warranty against leakage and manufacture the most, qualitative acrylic aquariums. All Clear-for-Life aquariums are hand made with unique materials, precision manufacturing methods and technological advancements. As far as value is concerned Advance aquatic tanks provides the highest quality acrylic aquariums which are brighter, lighter and stronger than glass tanks. Also other versatile variety of tanks/aquariums is available to select from depending upon size, design and the number of your pets at prices leveling up to the quality.

Durability and Technologies of Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium

Bright appearance

The first quality that captures about Acrylic aquariums is their vibrant appearance. They are bright, captivating without those not so appealing sealant or green tints. Comparatively, 40-50% brighter than ordinary glass tanks.

Durability – Safer, Stronger

Acrylic aquariums are vastly more durable, stronger and reliable than their glass counterparts. They are virtually leak proof and do not shatter easily.

Higher insulation

Fluctuation in aquatic environment is simply not healthful for the inhabitants. But these acrylic aquariums provide competing stability in temperature changes for the aquatic life as they are 20% more insulated than glass aquariums and therefore secures the healthy, cool environment for fishes to survive and grow in.

Some Fantastic Features of Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium

  • 40% brighter and more transparent than glass
  • 17x stronger than glass
  • 20% more insulated than glass
  • Life time warranty
  • Capacity- 55 gallons
  • Made with finest quality of acrylic
  • Dimensions of (L x W x H): 36″ x 15″ x 24″, fixture length: 24’’

Customer Feedback and Performance

Amazon’s Acrylic Aquarium has received amazing customer feedback and 5-star ratings as well, which speaks up for the eminent quality of the product.

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Conclusion and Verdict

I am elated with the use of Acrylic rectangle aquarium, the product is simply one of the best. It is 4 feet long and will form a prominent presence in your house and it will surely produce a sustainable environment for your fishes.

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