55 Gallon Acrylic Hexagon Aquarium Review

Acrylic hexagon aquarium does not only reflect complete beauty in appearance but also affords a classic look at your fishes and allow you to have a crystal clear view from nearly any angle you like. It offers multiple degrees of safety and reliability that regular glass can never level up to. Made with highest quality of acrylic that even if it drops, no significant damage would occur. Plus a life time warranty against leakage issues ensures that it will work perfectly as long as you own it.

Why Advance Aquatic Tank

Advance aquatic tanks manufacture the most, qualitative acrylic aquariums. All Clear-for-Life aquariums are hand made with unique upgraded materials, precision manufacturing methods and technological advancements. As far as value is concerned Advance aquatic tanks provides the highest quality acrylic aquariums which are brighter, lighter and stronger than glass tanks. Also a versatile variety of tanks/aquariums are available to select from depending upon size, design and the number of your pets at prices leveling up to the quality.

Acrylic Hexagon Aquarium Features

This Acrylic hexagon aquarium is not just a fish tank supporting aquatic life but will also be pleasurable addition to your home. The tank comes fixated with fluorescent lights on the hood hood that allows the light to fall downwards therefore illuminating the entire tank and creates a fantastic appearance for viewers.

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One Year Manufacturer Warranty

When you will purchase the aquarium you will also receive a one year manufactures warranty-that means if anything needs to be repaired within a year, then it will be replaced for free of charges.

Acrylic Black Top/Cap

This aquarium hexagon is quite robust in its appearance because of the acrylic black top that gives a more together and unified appeal to the tank.

Maximum Room Inside the Tank

As the filtration system and the gravel filter with the lift tube are placed outside the tank, you get maximum space inside the tank for your fishes to groom.


  • Greater luminosity, creating vivid appearance
  • 40% brighter
  • 17x stronger
  • 50% lighter than glass

Customer Feedback

Acrylic hexagon aquariums have been receiving fantastic customer feedback and it’s becoming very demanding making it one of the top best aquariums in the market.

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This aquarium is not only the ultimate home for fishes but also come along with endless options to design the setup because it supports salt water, fresh water or any planted designs you want to add. The other tank features are excellent and the overall quality is simply flawless.

A Thorough Review of 55 Gallon Aquarium Tank (Glass)

A 55 gallon aquarium or a fish tank can surely provide you with years of enjoyment and reliability. If you are looking for a fish tank that can hold up large volume, more fishes but is also less expensive, than this regular 55 gallon aquarium glass tank, might be the right choice.

Why Carolina Aquariums

Carolina aquariums have been providing a vast collection of aqua pet supplies with a number of facilities ever since it was introduced. It provides all types of aquariums/fish tanks that come along with latest technologies to ensure the suitable living space for aqua-life, manufactured with precise procedures and are also adequate for supporting different breeds of fishes from(fresh water, salt water, etc.).

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Durability and Technologies of 55 Gallon Aquarium Tank, Glass

This fish tank is capable of producing the necessary environment that fishes need to survive and not only this but extra features like: size and the bottom of extra triple strength makes it non-fragile and not so easy to shatter if dropped. Its material is no ordinary as it is welded together with silicone rubber and is made from the thickest distortion free low-iron glass therefore making it more qualitative. What makes it more durable is the base of glass which is basically tempered glass, while the sides are of the standard type of glass, and it’s also unreactive with seawater.  There will be no leakage which is rarely an issue when it comes to glass tank options. It’s not heavy or gigantic, will not occupy much of a space, and will be perfectly suitable for aqua-life lovers and their pets. Its overall quality has been seen to have vastly improved as years pass by at competitive prices.

Aquarium Tank, Glass Features

  • Capacity- 55 gallon
  • Dimensions- 38’’ Width x 18’’ length x 18’’ high
  • Shape- rectangle
  • Warranty- 5 years guaranty
  • Extra triple supporting strength

Customer Feedback and Performance

This aquarium glass tank has received really praiseful customer feedback and good ratings as well, which represents the reliability of the product. Though there have been some complaints against the manufacturing process because of the slightly messy and difficult to handle seams, but now the quality is observed to have been enormously improved.

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Conclusion and Verdict

The product is worth a try, and reliability for at least up to some years if not for lifetime and will work impeccably for those years and create an invigorating environment for your aqua pets to live in.

Variety is the Spice of Life – Especially in Aquarium Food


Written by Robert Salhaney

And that is why I feed my fish several different kinds of foods.  They get 2 different flake foods, 4 different pelleted foods and 3 different frozen foods, marine algae on a clip as well as live brine shrimp every now and then.  I often think that my fish eat better than I do.  I think the good nutrition shows, as they have excellent color and all look great.  They are active and acting how I would think they should.

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Planning an Aquarium – Tentative Plan for My Next Tank


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I have a tentative plan for my reef tank, for when I set it up.  I know where I want to put it and everything, but here is my plan so far.

The tank is 120 gallons, reef ready.  It has a corner overflow thing and you can attach different pipes to the return to direct flow. I will have a few power heads placed around the tank as needed to prevent dead spots and give a good current.  I am going to use maxi jet power heads and attach them to a wave maker.

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My Experience Dealing with Freshwater Fishes for 30+ Years


Posted by Robert Salhaney

Allow me to introduce myself:  I have been keeping fish for most of 37 years.  I have never owned saltwater fish – though have said “Some day”.  However, I have kept most every kind of freshwater.  I prefer the Cichlids.  Right now I have four tanks running.  A little 5 gallon Eclipse acrylic tank on the kitchen cuonter with some 6 week old Convict babies; a 54 gallon acrylic double hex that is joined by two 4 inch diameter tubes between the hexes; a 50 gallon with a pair of mated Red Devils; and a 55 gallon with the parental Convicts who are prolific, and some Zebra Danios as dither fish!

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Winterizing the Pond – How to Make Your Aquarium Winter-friendly


Written by Melissa

Winter is coming soon, and steps need to be taken to get the pond ready for the winter season.  Our winters are not too bad and I still have a month at least before the water starts to get near the 60’s-50’s but it is good to have a plan.  Here is mine.

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