4 Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stands You Can Buy Right Now

fish tank stands for 55 gallon aquariums

All too often people get caught in the excitement of buying a 55 gallon fish tank that the stand is often ignored. However that shouldn’t be the case because the stand plays an important role, as your fish tank needs a solid support. As a rule any fish tank over 20 gallons needs a stand so a 55 gallon aquarium definitely requires one.

Some fish tanks are sold with the stand and if that’s the case, it could mean savings and won’t require further research. If it doesn’t come with one, there are several alternatives available such as the following.

Imagitarium Brooklyn 55 Gallon Metal Tank Stand

The Brooklyn 55 is a solidly built stand constructed from steel and expressly designed for 55 gallon aquariums. This fish tank also has adjustable feet so you can level it, and the sleek design makes it an ideal match for any interior motif design. Aside from being durable, the stand is also reasonably priced especially when compared with others.

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Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals is the ideal stand to show off your new fish tank, and it is also noted for durability. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the stand has power coated finish for extra moisture resistance. The assembly is metal to metal locking cam and can support different types of fish tanks.

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Double Aquarium Stands 55 Gallon

The Double Aquarium Stand has full powder coating and is resistant to water damage and rust so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Owing to its versatility, the stand can be used in your home, classroom or office, and it can support aquariums not just for fish but also amphibians, reptiles and other animals.

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Aquatic Fundamentals Mixed Media Series

The Media Series, which comes in a cool black color, are ready to assemble, and with the instruction manual you’ll have no trouble putting the whole thing together. It’s also worth pointing out that the stand uses metal to metal locking cam fasteners for extra stability and made of MDF.

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What Kind of Stand Should I Buy?

Buying a good stand requires some investment so comparing prices is always a good idea. Keep in mind also that acrylic and glass aquariums need different types of stand support so make sure the structure is appropriate. An acrylic fish tank requires support on the full width and length at the bottom, whereas a glass fish tank only needs support on the outside edges.


Stands usually have the same finish as the trim on a fish tank, but too often this detail is overlooked until after the purchase. For aesthetic purposes if your aquarium has an oak trim you should buy a stand with matching material. If the aquarium and stand are sold together, matching won’t be an issue. However if you’re going to buy them separately it’s important you keep an eye on the trim so they don’t end up being mismatched.


Aside from providing support for the fish tank, the stand should match the décor of the room where it’s installed. To make things easier, think of the stand as another piece of furniture and arrange as you normally do. Apart from the various wood finishes, fish tank stands today also come in gloss and colored finishes that add variety and complement the aquarium.

Types of Fish Tank Stands: Wood and Metal

Remember too that you can always paint the wood if it doesn’t match the color of your fish tank so the possibilities are endless. And if wood is not your type, you can always buy metal stands as they are cheaper but no less attractive.

However, the drawback with iron stands is they don’t have drawers or cabinets where you can store equipment, and the lack of cabinetry makes them less sturdy compared to wood. Another problem with inferior iron stands is they rust, so if you’re going with metal make sure that it’s high quality.

If you’re going to buy wood, take some time to go over the different styles and the craftsmanship if it will match your home or office. The stability of the structure is the most important thing however especially if you have pets or kids in the house. Just to be safe, avoid fish tank stands made of particle board as they don’t handle high moisture level well.

Location of Placement

Once you’ve got a stand, place it somewhere where people can see it but it won’t get in the way or get knocked over. Don’t put the stand near windows because it could lead to algae growth. Never put a stand or fish tank near doors, windows and cooling or heating vents because it could lead to temperature fluctuation. In fact before you buy, knowing the dos and don’ts of positioning an aquarium is a must.

You also need to consider the fish tank’s weight when positioning. A good rule of thumb is to put the fish tank’s weight at 10 pounds per gallon, so a 55 gallon aquarium weighs around 550 pounds. To keep the fish tank from sagging on the floor, you should position it next to a weight bearing wall.

You also have to consider how close the aquarium is to a water drain and source. Water changing is essential for maintaining a fish tank, so put the stand in a place where it’s easy to drain and fill. Do not put the stand and fish tank on the second story unless there’s sufficient water supply, otherwise you’re going to have to carry buckets of water whenever a change is needed.


Buying a stand for your 55 gallon fish tank doesn’t have to be difficult provided you take into consideration the material the tank is made of. With smaller fish tanks a stand isn’t even necessary, but for larger ones they are mandatory and should be given sufficient thought. If you keep the simple tips offered here in mind, you’ll have an easier time finding the right stand to keep your aquarium safe.

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  1. How do i know if my stand is durable? I have a 55 gallon, and a stand that goes with it. Its been in a garage for a year. I have it at 1/2 full of water. Im scared to put my fish in harms way..

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