Review of the EcoQubeC Aquarium

The EcoQubeC is a very innovative and an outstanding piece of equipment. Indeed, EcoQubeC is one of the rare aquariums that uses this particular system. However, the idea of a self-cleaning fish tank isn’t a novel one. There have been many similar aquariums on the market that used a plant to cleanse the water, some of them very popular too. So, what makes this EcoQubeC’s filter special?

Honestly, nothing. Like we said, this is not a novel idea, and many more aquariums use the self-sustaining system. Moreover, EcoQubeC is a Kickstarter project, and, even though it met its fund goal, and even though its creators delivered on the product, I must remind you that bigger companies have a better grip on such a system, as they are more experienced.

However, EcoQubeC has something they don’t, and that is personality. EcoQubeC is not a mass-produced aquarium. In a sense, it has its own soul, and was crafted carefully and inspected thoroughly. This is what sets it apart from other products of its kind.

But, now we have another question – does it work, and, if it does, how does it work? To answer the first question, I have to answer the second question first, for the sake of reference.

The main thing about the EcoQubeC, the main principle upon which this aquarium (rather, its filter) operates is that there is a plant that purifies the water. When fish in the tank produce waste, it is the job of the filter to clean that waste out, so as to avoid things like fin rot. The waste the fish produce are rich in nitrates, but those nitrates are actually a very important food source for the plant, which is why there are so many fertilizers that use them.

The plants pick up the nitrates and convert them into food. The plant grows, and, as a result, needs even more food, so it absorbs the nitrates even more efficiently. This leads, ultimately, to 90% water use reduction, and 50% energy use reduction. Essentially, what the creators of EcoQubeC suggest is that this system will get more and more efficient over time, and save you a lot of worries about changing the water and cleaning the filter.

Now for the first question – does the system work? Well, I don’t know. And I’m not saying out of my own ignorance, but nobody actually knows if this system is really as efficient and as great as they say it is.

The main problem is that there is no actual proof that the plants can extract enough nitrate to make the water clean. I mean, you could try it out, and see how efficient the system really is, but I bet you wouldn’t rather sacrifice your precious pets in the name of science. Also, like I said, there are other, more noteworthy companies that produce the same system, and they are bound to have more experience.

So, my suggestion is – don’t overly trust the system. Change the water like you normally would, to ensure that your fish are living in pristine conditions.

As for other traits, this aquarium is pretty compact. As such, it might not be as good for large schools of fish, and this goes especially for tropical fish. If you’re planning on keeping bettas in it, try not to have more than one male in the tank. Like I said in a previous article, these fish are very territorial and will attack one another.

But the compact size of the aquarium is actually very appealing. The simple cubic design, coupled with clear and sturdy glass and the plant on top, is very aesthetically pleasing. The tank is very suitable for desktops and offices. It will go well with a bland working environment, as it will represent a neat and refreshing detail, while being none too intrusive, and not breaking the overall flow of the room.

But the aquarium doesn’t stop there. It also features a set of very bright but very efficient LED lights. If you really want to wow the audience, and really make your fishes shine, these LEDs will make quite a show. They will be most prominent in a darker setting, and your guests for dinner will have a really fun time examining all the colorful underwater little critters inside.

In addition to the design, the aquarium is very therapeutic. The sound of running water and watching the fish swimming slowly around is very calming. If you’re at work and having trouble concentrating, having this tank is more than a welcome addition, and it will help calm your thoughts and help you collect yourself.

So, what’s the final verdict for EcoQubeC? Overall, I think this is a very nice little fish tank. I mean, the system is not exactly surefire, but I think this is a side matter. The aquarium is very pleasing to the eye, and its compactness is very useful if you’re having trouble with space. The self-cleaning aquarium system may even contribute and come through on its promise of decreasing your water and power expenditure, but, like I said above, don’t rely on it completely. In addition, the plant on top serving as the main drive behind the filter will not be an excess in any way, but a really nice addition.

All in all, EcoQubeC is an aquarium to have if you’re a little braver than most. If you don’t trust all the nature talk, then I suggest you go for a classic one. For those looking for something more eco-friendly, as well as something with a little bit more personality, you will find that EcoQubeC is just according to your liking.

Finally, I’ll put a list of pros and cons for you of little patience. It will still benefit you more to read the whole article and get to know the aquarium a little better, but I’ll try to summarize it for you here.

  • A very aesthetically pleasing aquarium.
  • A very sturdy and damage resilient construction.
  • EcoQubeC goes very well with office décor due to its compactness and overall appeal.
  • The self-sustaining system promises you more efficiency when it comes to water and power expenditure.
  • This is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food, which guarantees less hustle with maintenance.
  • The aquarium features very bright LED lights that increase the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium and add a little flare to it.
  • The system is not proven to be as efficient as it is stated; it may be, but no one knows for certain.
  • The aquarium, though suited for keeping tropical fish, is not suited for keeping a large number of them (about 3 or 4 max).
  • It is not recommended you keep more than one male betta fish in the aquarium.

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