Carolina Special 55 Gallon Marine Aquarium Kit Review


Marine Kit, 55 gallon comes along with possibly everything you need to create a nourishing life for your aqua pet, everything from: fish food, water conditioner, thermometer, filtration system and a whole set up guide that you can use to ease yourself in the whole process.

Why Carolina Pet Supplies

Carolina aquariums have been providing a vast collection of aqua pet supplies with a number of facilities ever since it was introduced. It provides all types of aquariums/fish tanks that come along with latest technologies to ensure the suitable living space for aqua-life, manufactured with precise procedures and are also adequate for supporting different breeds of fishes from(fresh water, salt water, etc.).

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Features of the Marine Kit, Carolina 55 Gallon

This marine kit, Carolina package creates a sturdy, stylish foundation as a fish tank. With an extravagant capacity of 55 gallons in which you can easily support different breeds of fishes with ease and comfort and all of them will grow in a sustainable, conditioning environment. The dimensions of the body of the tank are flawlessly balanced. The stand is a solid, strong foundation for supporting the top. You can even pick out your choice of pump and filter and fulfill the conditions to support either fresh or salt water fish. For illuminating the tank, an LED lighting system is integrated in the hood, they also last way longer than regular bulbs/lights.

Other Features:

  • Capacity: 55 gallons approx.
  • Dimensions: tank- 48x13x20, stand- 49.4×14.9×30
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Material: glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: Carolina aquariums

Customer Feedback

Its demand is growing vigorously among consumers as the kit includes all the necessities to support your fish, therefore saving you multiple trips to the store, with everything you need in hand, and you just need to set it up. Its demand is basically because of the easiness it provides to customers in the whole fish keeping process.

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Conclusion and Verdict

I found the product, nothing but the best. The main reason apparently goes back to all the appliances it offers in a single package, but not just this, the appliances and other systems of the tank work flawlessly beyond its warranty time. The LED lighting system is a good approach that saves energy, works better and longer than regular lights and you don’t have to worry about the dark spots which make it hard to have a clear view.

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