A Thorough Review of Fluval Edge Aquariums


The Fluval Edge aquarium comes in a unique 3D cube design. Its versatile architecture and compact structure make it an ideal complement for limited spaces like kitchen, desktop, coffee tables. These aquariums are embellished with white and blue LED bulbs to create breathtakingly beautiful ‘broad daylight’ and ‘moonlight’ underwater effects.

A crystal clear glass aquarium is neatly placed inside a pedestal which provides support to the tank and it appears as if the aquarium is floating in the air. All the essential equipments such as electrical wiring, and connectors for the Fluval power filter, are smartly concealed inside the pedestal column, allowing an unhindered all-round view of the interior.

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Fluval Edge aquariums are available in two variants, 6 and 12 gallon fish tanks and three different colours: black, white and silver. It has a powerful, high quality 3 stage filter that skims the dirt out of the water, keeps it fresh, and circulates oxygen in it to keep the environment of the aquarium fresh and healthy for the fishes.

The 6 gallon aquarium is a perfect choice for fishes that are a bit on the smaller side. It comes in two tones: black and white. This model includes 21 LED bulbs which give the plants and fishes a stunning vibrant look, reminiscent of the natural marine view under the shining sun.

The second model can contain 12 gallons of water and comes in all the three colours. 42 LED lights have been added to generate a grand illumination. Turn on the three blue bulbs during the night-time and watch the colourful fishes play under the spectacular moonlight in serenity.


Unparalleled Design

Fluval Edge aquariums are in a league of their own as far as design is concerned. Its neatly chiselled contours, shrewdly hidden trailing wires and other components procreate a panoramic 360 degree view for the onlookers and leave the space uncluttered. The fully sealed top enables you to fill the tank to the brim and also slashes down the rate of water evaporation. There is also a stylish cover on the top where the LEDs are fitted.

Compactness and Powerful Filtration

The Fluval Edge filter flushes out the fish excrements, debris and other dirt particles by circulating the water through biological, mechanical and chemical media. It keeps up the required level of oxygen in the water as well. Its compact size and magnificent design can transform the entire look of plain tabletops and ordinary office rooms.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Any novice can assemble the kit without any hassle. It has a retractable cover which keeps the heat, moisture, and dust at bay. You can access the filter easily by opening the case in which all the essentials are housed side by side.

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Despite of garnering rave reviews from general customers and expert aquarists alike, there is no denying of the fact that it is not free of drawbacks. The biggest minus point of this otherwise brilliant design is its size options. The 6 gallon variant, especially, allows little choice of fishes for stocking inside it. A fish that grows beyond 6 inches cannot be sufficiently accommodated in such a tank.

The narrow opening on the top of the aquarium is another setback. It makes access to the inside of the tank and putting in a new fish difficult. However, this problem can be overcome by scooping out some water in the beginning.

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend purchasing a Fluval Edge aquarium for its portable size and marvellous exterior. Providing an unobstructed aerial view of the interiors is an extraordinary feature. Being able to observe the activities of fishes from every angle feels heavenly. The 3 stage filtration system is impressive, the sealed glass top and easy maintenance make it an overall great purchase for the aquarium loyalists.

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  1. Fluval Edge Aquarium seems like an impeccable fish equipment.
    The pros of which are equally overwhelming; excellent filtration, compactness, great architecture and an easy set up is everything I require of an aquarium.

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