An Unbiased Review of the Marina LED 20 gallon Aquarium Kit

Getting started with fish keeping is a lot more complicated than you think. There are many factors that you need to consider when you want to keep fish, starting from the species of fish themselves, to the pH levels and the temperature of the water. In short, you can’t just pour water in your tank and slap the fish in and call it a day.

If you’re looking to start with fish keeping, then you should definitely consider the Marina LED 20-gallon Aquarium kit. Dubbed as one of the best aquariums by both aquarists and customers, this entry level kit is inexpensive, reliable and just overall awesome.

Design and Features

As far as design goes, Marina LED 20-gallon tank is very simple. It has a simple rectangle shape, so nothing extravagant. However, due to its simple shape, and relatively small volume, this tank is splendid for home or office environments. Its simple design saves space and is none too obtrusive, so it won’t jump out at you and break your feng shui, or disrupt your work.

The Marina LED 20 gallon aquarium is still beautiful and captivating in its own right. This is all thanks to a little clever and strategic lighting. The hood that you will receive with the aquarium is fitted with a neon bulb that is not too bright so as not to disturb the fish, but is bright enough to show them in their best colors. The bulb creates just enough lumens to imitate the sunshine, and your fish will certainly enjoy it, especially if you keep saltwater species. The hood is also top-notch and provides a nice and wide opening for you to feed your fish through. That being said, the lid closes nicely and quietly, again not to disturb and scare the fish, which is a problem on many aquariums.

And while on the topic of saltwater, it is important to state that not all aquariums are made to hold this kind of water. The problem is that the glass oxidizes, and it weakens over time. This problem can be bypassed by using acrylic in the construction, which is more resistant to the oxidization process. Be that as it may, acrylic is a more expensive alternative, so many manufacturers stick with glass.

Our product too is made of glass, but this shouldn’t raise concerns – Marina is well aware of the problem glass faces, so they coated the inside with a special substance that will stop the oxidization process, and protect the structural integrity of the glass. The glass is tempered too, so it will be more scratch resistant and be able to withstand more pressure and more physical trauma. Still, you should not try to drill the glass (if you want, for example, to install some accessories), as tempered glass shatters if its structural integrity is compromised.

Now let’s move on to water treatment, and the capabilities of this aquarium to create a safe habitat for your fish. Everybody knows that you can’t put the fish in tap water. The chemicals used to treat water used by humans are much too dangerous for small fish. The chlorine and the sediment too, along with the presence of arsenic and lead (these are dangerous for humans too, and that’s why we have water filters) are deadly for the fish. The bacteria that may be present in the tap water is very dangerous for the fish, as they can contract many diseases from it.

The way Marina combats these problems is that they will give you a Slim S20 clip-on filter, along with Aqua Plus Water Conditioner and a Cycle Biological Supplement with your purchase. The Slim S20 clip-on filter is very powerful and very efficient at removing all the alkaline residues and chlorides. But the entire thing is very quiet and creates as soft a vibration as possible, so as not to disturb the fish (angelfish especially are sensitive to disturbances and will get nervous). Also, the best part of the filter is that it is small, so it won’t take much space at all.

As for the Conditioner and the Supplement, they will make sure your water is suitable for marine and freshwater life. Like we said already, fish can’t survive in tap water, and the supplements will ensure that the water is more akin to the fish’s natural habitat.

Lastly, we would like to examine the price and the overall value of the product. At the time of this post, the price tag on Amazon shows to be still in the double digits. In our opinion, this is a very fine and balanced price for such an outstanding aquarium and such an outstanding kit. Indeed, Marina LED 20-gallon Aquarium kit offers amazing value to the buyers. Between the sturdy construction of the aquarium, its universal design and the supplements and filter you’ll be receiving, the entire thing is well worth the money you’ll be paying for it. In fact, the kit is less expensive than Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium kit, which is also outstanding, that has similar characteristics, making the Marina a better choice.

All in all, this is an outstanding beginner’s kit. It is fairly inexpensive and offers amazing value for the money. Everybody loves it, from the absolute beginners to pros, and you should definitely give it a look.


Well, there you have it, all you need to know about Marina LED 20-gallon aquarium kit. To reiterate the last statement, the aquarium is a brilliant combination of efficiency, design, sturdiness and value. Combined with the filter and supplements, the kit is prime and ready to take in any kind of marine and freshwater life. The tempered glass is scratch resistant, and very strong, making it excellent for busy households with children or pets.

Lastly, the lighting in the aquarium is very well thought out, and will provide the aquarium with just the perfect amount of light – not enough to be obtrusive and distracting, but just enough to show off the beautiful and colorful scales of your fish. In our mind, the tank is excellent, and any fish lover should check it out.

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  1. I purchased a Marina aquarium kit . I don’t understand how or where to put the filter. The instructions is hard to understand. Also my kit did not have the nutrafin max, nutrafin cycle, and the nutrafin aqua plus. I’m not sure what to do about it, but I sure could use some help.

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