Bio Wheel 55 Gallon Aquarium Start-up Kit Review


The Bio Wheel 55 gallon kit is a complete kit contains everything to fulfill your aqua pet’s needs. It even includes fish food and water conditioner, so you would just need to unbox the package and set up and wait 24 hours for the temperature to equally regulate and then you can add your fishes.

Why Perfecto-United Pet Group

Perfecto-United Pet Group has a wide reputation as a leading, global marketer and excellent manufacturer of pet supplies with recognized, established brand names. United Pet Group’s main goal is fulfilling the requirements of pet owners who want utmost living conditions for their pets. Their preference over other companies is mainly because they manufacture world class branded products and market them with their retail partners.

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Bio Wheel Kit’s Technological Aspects

The bio wheel kit 55-gallon comes along with an excellent LED technology feature fixated in the hood, it controls a quick and easy 3 position switch on and a blue off, it can easily hold a capacity of 55 gallons, it also has fluorescent lightning feature, filtration and water conditioning system that stables the water temperature suitable for fishes, it also consist of a heater with 200 watt power which is submersible, a fish net, thermometer, a food and water guide samples to feed your fishes and a set up guide as well to help you to through the whole process.

Extra Features of Bio Wheel Kit 55 Gallon

  • Dimensions: 50.5x15x23.5 inches
  • Shipping weight: 72.4 lbs.
  • Tank’s capacity: 55 gallons
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Material: glass

Customer Feedback

The product has been receiving quite good customer feedback because of the reliability of the product, excellent filtration system, food and water guide and the LED lightning feature which is a unique approach because it saves energy and costs both. To ensure that every customer is satisfied with the experience it even gives one year warranty.

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Conclusion and Verdict

The Bio Wheel Kit 55 gallon, is proving out to be quite a good choice. The LED panels give a lustrous effect to the aquarium, making it a very festive addition to our house. Although the water conditioner is not very efficient, and the net is not long enough to reach the bottom of the tank either but nothing has broken, fallen apart or stopped working and we are still using it for about a year.  The filtration system is good, works impeccably, and the whole set up procedure will be quick and easy.

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