Best Betta Tank – Choosing the Best Betta Fish Tank of 2020

Finding the best Betta fish tank is no easy task. You might already know these two commonly known facts about Bettas:

  • They can survive in tiny aquariums or fish bowls, though they do better in larger tanks.
  • You can’t keep two male Bettas in the same tank as they’ll start fighting furiously and stop only when one of them is dead.

Keeping that in mind, most people having multiple Bettas prefer to use multiple small fish tanks that are usually under 5 Gallon in capacity. That does not necessarily mean that you need to do the same. You can instead pick up a single beautiful Betta and care for it. As you gain more experience with time, you can spend your money on more smaller tanks or get a bigger tank for your existing Betta fish to give it more roam to roam comfortably around and perhaps add a few more mates of different species for your Betta.

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I have a decent amount of experience with Betta fishes. Heck, I’ve even bred them once (and trust me, that was way too exciting). Initially, I used to keep them in very small cylindrical bowls of around 0.5-1 Gallon capacity each. Later on I found out that Bettas love a bit bigger tanks with a lot of dense plants like Cabomba.

You won’t read about this in most other sites, but a male Betta fish absolutely loves living in a tank of around 15-20 Gallon capacity with several (we’re talking 4-5) female inmates. Unlike their male counterparts, female Bettas generally do not attack each other, although they are still not big fans of other Bettas roaming around them (in other words – yeah, they’re all pretty jealous). You don’t necessarily have to get a big fish tank, unless you are looking to place a single male Betta, and a few female Bettas (remember, they are not as beautiful as their male versions, also they lack long fins) all together in it.

As far as picking an ideal Betta fish tank is concerned, there are so many different brands and models out there, it can be hard to know where to start. However, I have compiled a buyers guide of the best Betta fish tanks on the market right now so you can make a more informed buying decision when the time comes.

Back to the Roots Water Garden, 3 Gallon

Here, Back to the Roots, the #1 best seller in aquarium starter kits, offers another self-cleaning fish tank with a garden on top, tank on the bottom design. This design ensures that you don’t need to purchase an aquarium filter separately. It feeds the plants with waste from the fish and the pump is extra quiet on this aquarium.

The size of this aquarium is perfectly suitable for Bettas as well. Bettas require really low maintenance anyway, but this aquarium takes it to the next level with its self-cleaning feature. The mini-garden on the top gives it a unique look as well, blending in with the rest of your fish tank decorations.  And it provides a great aquaponics/hydroponics education with information on the manufacturer’s website.

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Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon

This is another excellent tank that is somewhat on the larger end of the spectrum compared to other tanks on the market. However, it is always better to get a larger tank than needed as opposed to buying a smaller tank. This tank is also a kit tank which means it includes everything one would need to get started with the hobby.

This tank has a very nice aluminum trim that compliments the glass very nicely. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest looking tanks to keep your Betta in and it would look nice in any environment.

This tank has some pretty good reviews over on Amazon and a lot of people are very happy with the purchase of it. The only thing that some people seem to run into is that you will need to purchase a heater with the tank. However, you have to do this with nearly every Betta tank unless you plan on buying a tank that has a built in heater, which can be very expensive. That is why it is best to go with a tank without a heater, and then purchase a heater separately to save money.

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Tetra Cube 3 Gallon Aquarium

For your Bettas, there is scarcely a better aquarium than the Tetra Cube aquarium. This is one of the best products around, and your aquatic pets are sure to love their new habitat, as much as you will love watching them play around in it. The Tetra Cube is perfect for offices, living rooms, and dormitories, as its medium size will not take too much room, but will be big enough for the fish to move around in.

However, do be careful and not put too many fish in the tank, if you’re keeping Bettas, and especially don’t keep more than one male. Male Bettas are very territorial and will engage one another in such a tank. If you plan on keeping more than one male, we recommend you check out Tetra’s 5-gallon aquarium that I’ve reviewed below, but even then there will likely be some testosterone challenges.

Tetra Cube is made of reinforced glass that is very resistant to any form of damage, ensuring it does not break. The glass has also been made extra clear so that you can view your precious friends clearly.

The aquarium has a very advanced filter system. This system will make sure your water is clean for your fish. The cleanliness of the water, as well as the pH value and water temperature are vital for fish’s health, and Tetra knows this well. The aquarium also comes with a neat feeding hole for easier feeding come chow time.

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Aqueon Mini Bow 2.5 Gallon Desktop Aquarium Kit

This is an excellent tank from Aqueon. It is a starter kit which is a perfect betta aquarium for the person who is new to the Betta fish tank world and is not too sure where to start. It has everything one would need to start this hobby and is backed by a big brand name.

The tank includes a light, divider, a food sample, and a couple of other things that will really help you out when it comes to being a first time Betta fish owner. If you are new to the Betta world, this is probably the best route for you to take because it does come with everything you need to get started.

The reviews on Amazon are pretty solid, and one person even said that it was the best tank you could buy for the money. They love how it came with everything you need to get started and how the tank is much bigger compared to others in this price range, which is a huge plus for anyone.

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Tetra Crescent 5 Gallon Kit

If you’re looking for more volume, then Tetra Crescent 5 gallon aquarium is your best bet. Tetra produces masterful aquariums that are perfectly suited for keeping tropical fish like the bettas, even though they themselves say that their aquariums aren’t meant for that purpose. However, if you know enough about salt water and the fish you’re housing, you count on Tetra aquariums.

So, what makes Crescent special? First off, Crescent is very high quality and extremely durable. Just like Tetra Cube, Crescent is made of superb quality material that is clear but strong so it doesn’t break. In addition, Crescent comes with a very powerful and highly efficient filter, the Tetra Whisper that has been patented by Tetra. You also get a medium sized Bio-Bag.

What makes this betta aquarium kit even more appealing are the bright LED lights, and, if you’re planning on keeping tropical fish, the addition of a heater. The aquarium’s elegant curved design is very stylish and perfect for offices, but also your bedroom or living room.

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Buying a Betta tank is not a walk in the park unless you are well aware of the requirements of Betta fishes and the features of the tank you’re looking to purchase. It is where your fish will spend its whole life and you want to make it happy. When you buy the best Betta tank possible, you are setting your fish up in an environment where it will be comfortable and happy. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your fish will have a happy life and be satisfied.

Photo by: Sarawut Korsoongsak

20 thoughts on “Best Betta Tank – Choosing the Best Betta Fish Tank of 2020”

  1. How on earth can you recommend the Aqueon Aquarium Betta-Bow 2.5 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Kit?? It’s basically a torture chamber for betta. If you know anything at all about these fish you know that two males absolutely must NOT be able to see each other! This divider will keep them in a state of agitation and aggression where they continually think they have to defend their territory. Yes they will have their fins flared all the time – because they are upset at being able to see the other fish. This constant stress will reduce a 3 to 5 year lifespan to a much shorter one that is full of fear and misery. Why would you wish this on any animal?

  2. I read a lot of reviews on the Fluval that the filtration system is too strong and can possibly suck fish to the side of the tank. What are your thoughts and how can those problems be fixed?

      1. I have the Fluval Spec 5 gallon for my Betta. There is a switch on the pump that the flow can be either high or low. My Betta likes to “attach” himself to the intake for the filter and rest there for quite awhile. I have the switch set to low. It’s a great tank!

    1. It is pretty strong, but also easy to fix. I placed a floating decoration under the filter to minimize the water flow and now it works perfectly for my betta.

    2. I have a Fluval Chi. I changed the filtration as the cube with the lights in it caused the lights to be covered with a bright green algae every couple of days. It was awkward to get the lights clean. I swapped for a whisper filter, a new led light hat is above the new acrylic cover I had cut for it.

  3. Lots of great advice thanks. My betts Bjorn did well for 2 years with regular water changes and minimal feeding and attention and then suddenly this winter I noticed he wasn’t moving and was acquiring fun rot. I had taken drapes off the window and I think he was cold. Changed water put real plants in and place him in better lit area near stove. Doing better already but inside ring better tank. What’s your thinking about filters that come with these kits?

  4. We gave had s very social male Betta for over three years and he has done well in a 3 gallon round tank. However I feel that perhaps a bigger tank would give him some extra growing room and would like to add live plants and perhaps a female. Can you suggest a larger tank?

    1. Hi Dana,
      I have a Marineland Aquarium Kit (kit because it also comes with other perks like filters).
      I use it for over 16 months now, my Betta Fish is happy like never before :3

      p.s. before buying it I also struggled with a 2 gallon aquarium Aqueon so I understand you perfectly.

      Wish you all the best!

    1. Sometimes holes can be made by sharp rocks or plastic plants in the aquarium. But if the holes are nearly perfectly round it could be early signs of fin rot. If that is the case treatment can be made by adding medicine into the water. Check with the store where you purchased the betta to see it they carry it. Amazon carries API Melafix Antibacterial Fish Remedy and Jungle NJ007 Aquarium Salt which can help. Prevention is the key in the future. Be sure water is kept clean and the temperature is warm enough. Cool temperatures help the bacteria that causes fin rot to thrive as does low pH water. Good luck.

    1. Your Betta’s temperature should never drop below 74° Fahrenheit (about 23.5° Celsius), and ideally should remain between 78° and 80° F (25.5° and 26.5 C), so you will need a heater and a thermometer.

    2. For a heater I recommend the Cobalt Neo Therm. They come in different wattage for different tank sizes (I use a 25-watt for both my 2.5 gal and my 5 gal tanks) The beauty of this heater is that it’s also a thermometer AND it shuts off by itself when the water has reached the desired temperature. It’s a good investment. I paid $35 on Amazon

  5. My Betta is currently living in a 2.5 gallon fish bowl. I’ve had him for 6 months and he seems to be doing great. As it gets colder, I’m concerned he might get too cold and die. I want to upgrade to a new tank and add a heater for him. I’ve tried researching the best tanks but am not really sure which one to go with. Obviously one that I can add a heater to. I’m having a hard time making a decision. Any advice would be great! Thank you so much!

    I’m also thinking about possibly breeding my Betta one day. What are your thoughts on that?

  6. I’m really interested in the back to the roots water garden. I live in Georgia and this past winter I did not use a heater but I’m thinking I should have. Do you recommend a heater to add to this tank for next winter? Thank you

    1. Hi, Jessica. It really depends on which fish you have in the tank and their needs, but it is a good idea in order to keep the water temperature consistent. If the room in which you keep the tank is kept warm enough through out the day and season, it will probably be fine.

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