The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best 75 Gallon Fish Tank

Upgrading to a fish tank as large as 75 gallons is a dream of every ardent marine-life lover like me. Since the space of such aquariums is huge, you have the liberty to let your imagination take the control while choosing the fishes and decorating the surrounding. Popular aquarium fishes like goldfish, known for its peerless beauty and huge size, get enough breathing space in big aquariums. A massive 75 gallon aquarium isn’t something you’d like to carry around from place to place or get replaced frequently. Having enough room and stretchable budget isn’t going to make your choice easier. If you’re coming from a tiny 10 gallon fish tank, or even from a much larger 55 gallon aquarium, a 75 gallon aquarium will certainly add a new dimension to your fishkeeping experience.

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Best 75 Gallon Aquariums of 2015

Top Fin 75 Gallon Aquarium

75 gallon hooded fish tank

There are a number of strong reasons why it had made to the top of this list. The giant aquarium is 18.5 inches wide, has a length of 48.5 inches and provides a panoramic view of the underwater surface with a height of 21.125 inches. Top fin is a glass tank which makes cleaning the water simpler, as self cleaning aquariums aren’t available in this size. For decoration purpose, the tank offers dual 24” fluorescent hood lights for dazzling illumination across the aquarium. It gives ample of room for the fishes to loiter around from one end to another. You can also house small reptiles and small marine animals to give your fishes a perfect accompaniment.

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Deep Blue Professional DB Edge 75 Gallon Aquarium

The rimless reef ready system presented by Deep Blue professional looks a little paradise for fishes when decorated with beautiful aquatics. The most praiseworthy part of the system is its premium quality, incredibly convenient filtration system. The tempered glass tank optimizes a special Opti-Pure technology to ensure maximum light passes through the tank water, keeping the temperature of the water warm and create breathtaking illumination. The feasible plumbing design saves hassles while adding or removing components from the tank.

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Nautilus III Aquarium with Silver Trim and Stand


It’s one of those hard to find 75 gallon fish tanks that come with their own stand and cabinet. For those who never compromise with the visual experience, Nautilus III comes with three colour variants to please the choosy customers. But you shouldn’t the judge the quality of an aquarium only by its looks. Nautilus is equally uncompromising about the utilization of material quality and technology. The cabinet you’ll get free of cost is made from a waterproof material. The rectangular tank is composed of a protective, scratch-resistant tempered glass.

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Clear-For-Life 75 Gallon Hexagon Aquarium


This unique 30” high, 25” broad hexagonal, feather-light acrylic tank is a total bang for bucks. The full 360-degree angle viewing provides a crystal clear, majestic, multi-angle view of the activities of the fishes. Being made of acrylic instead of glass, the tank is less prone to cracks and shines through the ravage of time. Clear-For-life can contain both fresh and well as salt water. You can tweak the set-up according to preference anytime. I bet no aquarium-enthusiast would be able to stop praising the spectacular design of the device.

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All Glass Aquarium Overflow System

This phenomenal, reef ready 75 gallons aquarium with an amazing megaflow technology is a modern marvel. All Glass Aquarium can hold reef water, saline water and fresh water and devises a simple set-up for novice aquarium owners. The decent price of the product is not the only attraction of the product. The highly acclaimed megaflow technology used in this model maximizes and improves the water circulation to the main filter system and also reduces the annoying sound of cascading water.

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Marineland 75G Aquarium Majesty Ensemble


Marineland 75G Aquarium Majesty Ensemble is perhaps the best option to get started with plus-size fish tanks. The delivery package will include a strong, durable stand capable of holding the tank without letting it tilt. Another big advantage is its stylish black base manifolding plenty of storage space. You can stuff all the necessary items of maintenance such as fish food, cleaning equipment, net etc.) safely in there. Additionally, there will be two tight fitting hoods with matching LED bulbs to keep the aqua-life illuminated throughout the day. The ensemble kit allows you to customize the individual parts as per your requirement.

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Deep Blue Professional ADB11075 75-Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium Tank

Another state-of-the-art reef ready glass aquarium tank to match your creative goals from Deep Blue! It’s rectangle profile and durable, distortion-free glass cover is a perfect alternative to acrylic tanks. The 48 x 18 x 20 inches extensive landscape is designed for housing multiple fishes of various species, small reptiles or a large fish. This 75 gallon aquarium is suitable for both imitating both fresh and salt water environment. Adorn the interior with pretty coral reef replicas, turn on the nigh-bulb, play a soft instrumental and keep staring at the fishes for hours! If that doesn’t feel like heaven, nothing else will.

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Tetra STS26926 Deluxe Slide Door Cage Vivarium

The Tetra STS26926 Deluxe Slide Door Cage Vivarium, an aquarium cum animal enclosure, is the ultimate go-to for aquarium freaks who loves experimenting. You can use its vast landscape to create a friendly habitat for reptiles, guinea pigs and various fishes alike. The smooth sliding door makes the daunting task of reaching the interior for cleaning and adding components swift. I’ve been deeply impressed by the integration of the drain hole which allows the easy removal of fish droppings and other wastage. This Tetra model features a padlock in the front to ensure children or pets can’t mess with the fishes or reptiles when you’re not around.

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Perfecto Manufacturing APF97003 Aquarium Tank

The black coloured Perfecto Manufacturing APF97003 Aquarium Tank is replete with stunning features. This monster fish tank is almost 21 inches high and measures 48 x 18 inches, so what you end up with is a huge area for placing all your favourite fishes of both freshwater and salt water environment altogether. The equipment comes fully assembled, you just need to install a suitable pump and heating system and you’re all set to go. A major highlight of the model is its silicon sealed, distortion free and anti-leakage glass which provides great safety and mindblowing view of the beautiful creatures inside.

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80 Gallon Starfire Aquariums

Although this article is about 75 gallon fish tanks, I couldn’t help mentioning this absolute masterpiece which holds 5 gallons of extra water. Apart from the supreme storage capacity, Starfire Aquariums are also known for their rimless rectangular profile and 10 mm thick glass design for all-angle, crystal-clear viewing experience. Placing it against the wall will add a whole new dimension to your room. Moreover, the built-in overflow box comes with a pre-drilled 1-inch drain bulkhead, Loc lines and dual return pipes for quick and easy fittings. A Starfire aquarium is all you need to raise ample of multi-species in one single tank.

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How to Maintain and Take Care of Your 75 Gallon Fish Tank


Every visible as well as major internal parts like filter need adequate cleaning in every few months. Nothing is as worse as dirt deposit in an aquarium. In order to ensure the fishes don’t face any troubling during the cleaning process, focus on one substrate of the tank at a time. Replicating the marine life inside an aquarium has never been a child’s play. To keep up the balance in nature inside the tank, the growth of bacteria present in water naturally cannot be disrupted at any cost.

Water Cycling

Cycling the water in the aquarium is essential for the wholesome nourishment of your delicate aquatic dearies. Cycling is the method of encouraging healthy bacterial growth in the water. It is a hygiene essential I mentioned in the section above. For the new fish lovers, growing bacteria inside the tank might sound like a knave concept. The thought behind doing this is simple. The good bacteria transform ammonia from food and fish faeces to nitrate and nitrite. This is how the nitrogen cycle of the water is carried on. Replace the water regularly to prevent the water from toxication.

Water Testing

Testing the ammonia level and pH level of the water is a step you can’t miss. For salt water tanks, keeping track of the salinity level along with these to ensure everything is properly balanced. Aquarium water test kits are easily available.


As soon you find the right 75 gallon fish tank for your little pals, don’t forget to purchase a suitable aquarium filter as well. A gallon per hour or GPH rating is a must-have feature for the filter of a plus size tank. Aquarium aficionados suggest a minimum 300 GPH filtration system for 75 gallon fish tanks. As far as I’m concerned, I always count on a little higher than the recommended digit for maximum safety. A combination of biological and mechanical filtration is ideal for fresh water fish tanks. Chemical filtration is also an alternative but be very cautious about the amount of chemical you’re going to put in the tank, for obvious reasons.

Proper Heating System

Freshwater fishes require a warm temperature to thrive and flourish. Constantly fluctuating temperature has a negative effect on the health of the fishes. Always keep a thermometer handy to check the temperature of the water and adjust it whenever required. For a jumbo fish tank, having a backup heating system is a smart move as you’re likely to house either a large or multiple fishes in the tank. In case, the inbuilt system fails to function, replacing it would be one hell of a hassle.


A 75+ gallon fish tank can be a gorgeous addition to your room. The background, decoration and lighting of the equipment make a huge difference on the appearance of the room. The decoration isn’t only a delight to the eye, embellishing the underwater surrounding with false castles, coral reef, leaves, tunnels originate a playful environment for the fishes who love to swim around, roll and jive around all day. Watching them playing in their natural environment under moonlight sitting in a dark room is a soul-steering sight.

Find the Right Location

For a large scale tank that weighs no less than 500 pounds, choosing a permanent location is vital. Taking it from one place to another, like you do with your fish bowl or small tank is simply not even an option here. So, when you’re planning about purchasing a 75 gallon fish tank, make sure you’ve the room for it. Getting a suitable cabinet should be second on your priority list. To hold a bulky structure like this, you need to have an industry-level cabinet for it. It depends on the fish owner whether he or she wants to replicate a salt water or fresh water environment for the creatures in the tank. I’d personally recommend amateur fish owners to go with fresh water as maintaining a salt water environment requires some basic knowledge about the right salinity level.

Words of Caution

No seasoned hobbyist would make the mistake of putting the aquarium under direct sunlight of in a cold area ever. Extreme temperature is not favourable for most fishes. Exposure to sunlight for a long time encourages algae growth in the water. To prevent the tank from damage or breaking, keep it in a secure, less traveled place of the house. Don’t place it on a very high place from where you can’t see the bottom of the tank. Proper access to the equipment will make maintenance of the fishes less complicated.

Winding up the 75 Gallon Fish Tank Saga

Buying a huge fish tank is a worthwhile investment only when you know what to exactly do with it. If you’re thinking to get one despite a limited space in the house, it’s better to go for a smaller model. Maintaining an ultra-heavy tank is certainly going to seem tough for the inexperienced customers. Features like sliding doors, clear glass cover add to the ease of maneuvering. Nothing can be as soul-pleasing as decorating an expansive landscape with colorful aquatics for people who share a true passion for aquariums. Time to time maintenance will help you extend the shelf-life of the tank and will also keep the animals healthy and cheerful.