A Detailed Review of 15 Gallon All Glass Aquarium AAG10015 Fish Tank

All Glass Aquarium AAG10015

All Glass Aquarium is a noted name when it comes to tanks for fish and other aquatic pets. The manufacturer has the repute of manufacturing an exclusive range of aquariums. You might be having one at your home. After thorough research, I purchased an All Glass Aquarium AAG10015 Tank Black, 15-Gallon for better display of different fish and aquatic pets. Unlike the acrylic counterparts, glass tanks are sturdy. You will not notice scratches on the surface of the glass aquarium. Even with years of regular use, it will seem to be new. I have assessed few attributes of this aquarium.

A few important specifications

It is manufactured of flat glass sheets with utmost care and has a wide range of applications. You can obtain these aquariums in a wide variant of shape and size.

  • The dimension of this aquarium is 24.2x 12.5 inches and has a depth of almost 12.8 inches. Shipping weight of this product is almost 20.8 pounds.
  • These aquariums are available in Oak and Black trim styles that give a finished look to the aquarium.
  • In large aquariums, manufacturers have not used glass bowing procedures rather you will notice center-braced frames carved out of a single-piece. In this model, there is no scope of drilling.

Different specifications of this aquarium make it perfect to satiate my need. When you purchase it, you will also agree on its efficacy.

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Perfect for aquatic pets

This aquarium is perfect for both salt-water and tropical aquatic set-up. Superior quality construction of this aquarium makes it a desired product. The canopy on this aquarium ensures that control of temperature is appropriate for aquatic pets. However, there is no light fixture in this aquarium. This glass aquarium is inexpensive in nature in comparison to other variants. It is a perfect product for your aquatic products, and you can have it at your doorstep within a day of placing the order.

Verdict of customers

Users of this variant of aquariums are full of praises and considers All Glass Aquariums are one of their kinds. Based on the review of customers, it has been rated three stars. As per customer reviews, if your aquariums suffer damages or if it is delivered to you is broken then, you can get it replaced fast. As per rules, you will receive a new aquarium.

Easy availability of product

Now, one-day shipping is applicable for this product. You can save on your purchase with different rebates levied on this product by the sellers. If you have a gift card, you can save considerably on the purchase. This aquarium is shipped within the boundaries of the country. You do not have to pay any extra charges for shipping. It is now easy to track the order with the innovative mechanism utilized by the sellers. It helped me a lot when the aquarium is in transit. If you want to gift the aquarium without paying extra, you can have it gift-wrapped and sent to the destination.

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Well, glass might not be a good option for everyone. In case, you are not satisfied with the product, you can opt for thirty days return of the product. This applicable from the day you receive this product. Different features of this aquarium make it a perfect for your aquatic pets.

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