Best Acrylic Fish Tanks that Money Can Buy in 2020

best acrylic aquarium


Acrylic fish tanks (or aquariums) have gained plenty of popularity lately. They are relatively new when compared to the classic glass, yet they offer some benefits that you just cannot overlook. For example, you got plenty of sizes and shapes available in stores, but you will also love the lightweight construction. All in all, finding the best acrylic fish tanks begins with an educational phase. Learn what to expect from such things, but also discover their advantages. There is just no better way to gain as much as possible from this experience.

Benefits of acrylic fish tanks over glass tanks

The lightweight design is probably the most impressive benefit of these tanks. The best acrylic fish tanks are easy to move around, so you will not really end up with a hernia if you want to change the decor and move the aquarium. The lightweight construction also gives you the opportunity to invest in a larger unit. Generally, an acrylic tank is about 40% to 50% lighter than a glass tank in exactly the same size. So, if you were considering a 30 gallon fish tank and you didn’t have acrylic-made aquariums in your mind, after knowing about them, you might want to consider some 55 gallon fish tanks, which is obviously an upgrade, while still keeping the net weight of the aquarium roughly the same.

The style is yet another impressive advantage. Acrylic tanks come with patterned and colored backgrounds, which can become astonishing if mixed with the right decoration. This type of construction is not just modern, but you are less likely to find it in a standard glass unit. Plus, there are countless options in regard of style and color. Sure, you can always invest in extra accessories for your tank, but most of them come with unique designs.

Think about the cool shapes and strength too. An acrylic tank can come in any random shape, whether you like a convex, half sphere or perhaps a cool bubble. Sure, glass tanks can be just as diversified, but a fancy glass shape will cost a fortune. Due to this, many of the best betta tanks are made of acrylic, because people really prefer cool shapes when it comes to aquariums for Siamese fighting fishes. And due to this flexibility, even most self cleaning aquariums are made of acrylic these days.

As for the strength, dropping this unit on the floor is less likely to ruin it. You probably need a gun or a hammer to damage it. As if all these were not enough, the strength will also prevent accidents, especially if you have kids or pets around. After all, acrylic will not crack or break so easily.

Drawbacks of acrylic fish tanks

Nothing is perfect, not even the best acrylic fish tanks. Luckily, their drawbacks are insignificant, yet you should certainly know what to expect

  • Expense – they normally cost more than glass tanks due to their advantages. The durability and unique shapes obviously add to the price tag.
  • Distortion – they have a small degree of visual distortion. Acrylic is heated, then bent at a high temperature. It is not as crystal clear as glass. Just try looking through a set of glasses that are not right for you. Sometimes, acrylic might look like that.

Best acrylic fish tanks based on popularity and ratings

GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED light, 5-Gallon

It is one of the best acrylic fish tanks if you judge by the high ratings and multiple reviews. The cover is clear, so you can see through it. The unit can accommodate five gallons of water. It has a curved front, which looks more modernist. D not overlook the built-in Bio-Bag and Microfilter features either. They are directly responsible for the safety of your fish. When it comes to the LED lights, users will love the shades and effects created by those 15 units on top. Mix them with the right scenario and you will love the outcome.

API Panaview Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter, 5-Gallon

This aquarium sells even better. It creates an original scenery with plenty of fairytale elements for your beloved bet. The acrylic fish tank is shatter-proof and comes with a full cover. It is durable in front of kids and shocks, but it does not allow you to see through the cover. The internal filter carries the API SUPERCLEAN technology. It does not have anything to do with the overall design though, but with the fish safety. Its capacity measures five gallons, while the luxury appearance makes it great for any type of room or office. When it comes to the actual lights, most people opt for moonlight blue and white/blue combinations. Plus, the lighting options also have daylight white.

Coralife Biocube

It has everything you might look for in an acrylic aquarium. It is rated among the best acrylic fish tanks in stores due to the all-in-one construction. The setup is fairly simple, even if this is your first purchase of this kind. The assembly is intuitive and user friendly. You got a light filter, a filter pump, a top and the actual tank – all the required elements for the assembly. It is power compact and comes with a LED light bar for special effects and shades. This bar goes on top of the tank. Moreover, the safety of your fish is not to be ignored either, hence the built-in biological filtration.

SeaClear 30 Gal Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

This SeaClear fish tank is your best choice if you want to make a statement and impress your guests. With 30 gallons in capacity, this aquarium also comes with a 24” lighting fixture, as well as a reflector. Both these features allow you to create unique effects “underwater”. This unit is rated to be clearer than glass, but also way stronger. Despite the size, the lightweight construction is certainly a plus. All in all, the acrylic fish tank can take both fresh and salt water. It might look irrelevant, but the water type limits your fish choice. Therefore, there are no restrictions from this point of view. It is also impact resistant, so it will not crack if you have kids or other pets around the home.

Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium 55 Gallon Clear

This unit adopts a classic construction. It is more simplistic than you might expect, but it also provides plenty of design possibilities. You got an empty unit to decorate as you wish. This unit is simply huge – 55 gallons. However, it is two times lighter than a glass aquarium in the same size. The acrylic construction is brighter and stronger, but it also accepts both salt and fresh water. As if all these were not enough, customers can use it for reef environments and designs as well. It is large enough to create a fairytale decor without having to worry about the display. The amazing marine life is enhanced with acrylic and an outstanding luminosity.

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Acrylic Hexagon Aquarium 55 Gallon Clear

It is among the best acrylic fish tanks in store. It is well rated for the thick, yet durable construction, as well as the interesting shape and construction. Given the hexagonal shape, this fish tank allows a deep visualization from any angle. It feels a bit different, but it also reveals the vivid colors of plants and fish with the great luminosity. Reef environments are also ideal for this type of aquarium. After all, they are easier to take care of anyway. It can take 55 gallons of water and provides up to 17% more strength than glass tanks. It is less likely to chip or crack, so there are no dangers associated with it if you got kids around. You only need a little creativity and imagination for a top-notch style.

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As a short final conclusion, acrylic aquariums are certainly worth some attention. They can seriously add a sense of luxury to your home or office, but they will also maintain their looks over long periods of time. When it comes to choosing the best acrylic fish tanks, look for something that can match your environment in terms of quality, shape and size. What works for some people may not work for everyone else. Inspect the available space, analyze your options and make an informed choice. After all, you are less likely to replace it too soon.

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  1. Why am I not able to find prices on thee beautiful aquariums> would especially like price on 5 gallon API
    panaview aquarium with led lighting and built in filter system.

    1. Jaice, thanks for checking us out. I do not sell aquariums, only review them. So I do not include pricing. Also, pricing changes too often, and different sellers have different prices. However, you can find this one on by clicking on the picture.

  2. Great article!
    Yet…I still have a existing question for acrylic tanks.
    Does anyone make a quality, 10 to 15 gallon (max gal.) bow front, curved edge, completely see through on all 4 sides acrylic tank?
    Seems to go from 5 gallon then jumps to 16 + gallons. Where are the 10 gallon quality, acrylic tanks that are visible on all 4 sides & curved edges?
    Similar to the Aqueon Minibow 5 gallon?
    Thank you & again, great reading article!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I am not aware of an acrylic bow front tank in the size and configuration you describe. We’re open to suggestions–anyone else know of one like this?

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