Variety is the Spice of Life – Especially in Aquarium Food


Written by Robert Salhaney

And that is why I feed my fish several different kinds of foods.  They get 2 different flake foods, 4 different pelleted foods and 3 different frozen foods, marine algae on a clip as well as live brine shrimp every now and then.  I often think that my fish eat better than I do.  I think the good nutrition shows, as they have excellent color and all look great.  They are active and acting how I would think they should.

I used to only feed one, maybe two kinds of flake food and my fish, while they looked ok, never looked great.  They never looked like fish I saw in pictures or in certain other tanks.  They just didn’t have that “glow” to them.  That glow is just the look of being super healthy.  After I got more into my fish keeping I did more reading on nutrition and realized that the standard cheap flake food I was using was probably not providing all of the nutrients, vitamins and amino acids my fish needed.  I also realized that the ingredents used in the food probably were not of the best quality and some my fish probably could not even digest!  So I started reading labels and started adding variety.  I figured if I fed a few different types of flake or pellet food then hopefully the different foods would make up for anything lacking in the others.  My fish started showing the difference.  They started to get that glow of health to them.  During my reading I also learned that for fish to get to their maximum potential size they needed a higher protein diet before they hit sexual maturity then afterwards, so I started adding vitamin enriched frozen foods to the rotation and I think it has helped as my fish seem to be begger and healthier than ever.

I also learned that after 6 months vitamins start to break down.  Feeding old food could be just as bad as feeding a cheap, low quality food.  So, I started to buy only small packages of food and dating them.  Once they hit 6 months I toss them out.  Packaged foods I purchase from petstores I sometimes throw out earlier because there is no telling how old they really are.  They exchange so many hands before actually reaching the store some foods may already be a couple of months old before you purchase them.

Now food is not everything, water quality is equally as important, perhaps even a bit more important.  However, if you are doing your water changes but fish just don’t look their best or are not quite reaching their full growth potential, take a look at what you are feeding.  You may want to add more variety and better quality foods, or you may even just need to buy some fresh food!

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