My Experience Dealing with Freshwater Fishes for 30+ Years


Posted by Robert Salhaney

Allow me to introduce myself:  I have been keeping fish for most of 37 years.  I have never owned saltwater fish – though have said “Some day”.  However, I have kept most every kind of freshwater.  I prefer the Cichlids.  Right now I have four tanks running.  A little 5 gallon Eclipse acrylic tank on the kitchen cuonter with some 6 week old Convict babies; a 54 gallon acrylic double hex that is joined by two 4 inch diameter tubes between the hexes; a 50 gallon with a pair of mated Red Devils; and a 55 gallon with the parental Convicts who are prolific, and some Zebra Danios as dither fish!

I enjoy live plants and currently have 10 varieties in the double hex where some dozen  6 month old Convicts reside with a couple of Tetras.   I enjoy surfing the net and talking with other fishkeepers from all over the world.  I truly enjoy ging to the fish auctions at the local clubs with my girlfriend, and my youngest daughter.

A month or so ago, we set up a 10 gallon with some 6 month old Convicts and live plants at her house.  She truly enjoys watching them, and nothing could make me happier than to see her enjoyment.

I live in Michigan, and look forward to the comraderie of local fishkeepers and the clubs.

Recently, I set up the 55 gallon and moved the Convict parents into their new home after seeding it with water and gravel from their old home the 50.  They are doing fine after almost two weeks.  However, I am thinking of eliminating the Red Devils and placing small friendly schooling fish or African Cichlids in the 50 gallon, which is on the same stand as the 55.

So, I am enthused to be here. Best Wishes for the Fishes!

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