A Comprehensive Review of the Back to the Roots Aquafarm Fish Tank

As a die hard marine life enthusiast, I had begun collecting various species of fishes, exotic water plants, designer fish bowls and aquarium decors from my very childhood. So, this is not the first time I purchased an aquarium for my house. An elegant, vivacious Betta is the latest addition to my collection of fishes. Although they are dainty, intelligent creatures, they defecate just like any other living creature. Without proper cleaning, the water will turn heavily toxic and the life of the little ones will be in danger.

Cleaning the water tank manually is time-consuming. You cannot scoop the entire water out of the tank at once to avoid hurting the fish. Therefore, I was desperately looking for a self-cleaning fish tank for my new pal. My search was over when I chanced upon Back to the Roots Aquafarm 3 gallon fish tank. I have been using it for a while now and here’s a thorough review of this self-cleaning tank which you might find useful.

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Detailed Specifications

Before going ahead with a purchase, you need to make sure the tank you are purchasing is the latest version, and you also need to check out all the features thoroughly. Personally, I found the performance quite up to the mark so far. I’m listing down the product details below to help you get a clear insight of its functionality:

  • Silent underwater pump and 360 degree view.
  • Adjustable cutting length.
  • Approximately 13.3 inches x 9.4 inches x 13.3 inches in dimension.
  • Weighs not more than 10 pounds.

This product has its own share of pros and flaws. You can ask your service provider to set-up the equipment or you can follow the manual and do it yourself without much hassle. Here’s a nice little infographic created by Back to the Roots to help you understand the science behind this self cleaning fish tank.

science behind self cleaning fish tanks


Natural Growth of Plant Food

This self-cleaning fish tank, apart from maintaining the hygiene by itself, supplies food for the plants as well. Back to the Roots Aquafarm has an innovative mechanism that helps in replicating a closed-loop ecosystem right inside the fish tank. A grow bed with numerous plant pods on it is placed on the top of the aquarium, the submersible pump flushes out waste from the water and deposits into the beds. The saplings thrive on fish waste.

Aesthetic Decoration

You can adorn your self-cleaning fish tank with exotic herbs, multicolored wild plants, dried leaves, shrubs and watch your Harlequins and Bettas swimming around them, displaying their royal charm. An aquarium like this really adds to the value and appearance of your house, office or wherever you place it.

Noise Free

The Water Garden doesn’t snore like a giant like most ordinary tanks do. You can enjoy gazing at your fish all day without getting annoyed by any noise.

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This automatic cleaning fish tank runs on fluid displacement technology. It eliminates the debris and fish droppings through an attached tube. The cleaning process will begin only when the weight of the debris is heavier than the water surrounding it which means you have to evacuate the harmful floating debris, algae manually.

A small 3 gallon fish tank is ideal only for cultivating petty-sized fishes like Betta, Harlequin, Ember Tetras, Corydora etc. To house a voluptuous creature like Pearl Gourami, you need a more spacious tank.

My Assessment of the Back to the Roots Water Garden

My experience with Back to the Roots Aquafarm has been more or less positive so far. I have to admit that it doesn’t perform as well as the ad claims, as you still have to get your hands dirty once in a while to ensure a healthy ecosystem for your fish. The technology of growing plants naturally using fish feces is the USP of the product.

7 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Review of the Back to the Roots Aquafarm Fish Tank”

    1. I bought a small in tank heater, designed for 2 -10 gallons. I think $12 at Walmart. With the heat i had 6+ inch wheat Grass and rasiahes even taller in 7 days.

  1. Can I set the tank and water up with the pump the day before I get the fish?.. obviously not start the grow pods yet but to get the water to room temp before I bring my fish home?

  2. I just bought the tank/pump used, without stones, plants, etc. Can you let me know what I need to get this up and running?

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