A Comprehensive Review of Fluval FX6 Canister Filter


Fluval FX6 Aquarium Canister Filter with an outstanding pump output of 925 gallons ensures a hygienic accommodation for your aquatic pals. This product is an upgraded version of Fx6 with all new exciting features and improved ergonomics. Canister filters like this are best suitable for large fish tanks of 400 gallons capacity. Fx6 utilizes a filter circulation of 563 GPH that produces fresh and clean water. I have been a loyal customer of Fluval aquarium products since forever. After using this model for over a year, I can’t help admitting that it has made fish keeping much easier than I ever expected.

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Product Specifications

Fluval Fx6 is capable of filtering jumbo-size tanks of 1500 litres capacity. The high performance filter circulation system purifies 2130 litres or 563 gallons of water per hour. The maximum head height of the equipment is around 10.8 ft/3.3 m with a mechanical filtration area of 325.5 in2/2100cm2. The filtration media volume is 1.56 gallons.

Feature Analysis

The Fluval multistage filtration system features 3 removable stacks of media basket fitted at the heart of the device. The baskets are carefully engineered to abort water by-pass in order to enhance the functionality of the system. These baskets are lined with total 6 foam insert for superior pre-filtering.the media baskets can contain a total of 5.9 litres of media and is surrounded by the neat and precise combination of layers. The instant-release T handles helps in proper maintenance by allowing quick lift and separation of the baskets.

It’s not just the 3 media baskets that allow easy disengagement of the filter media in Fx6, the predecessor of Fx5 comes complete with all media filter. You are free from the hassle of purchasing an additional media unless you want an absolutely different media for the system.

The box contents of Fluval Fx6 canister filter runs on an advanced electronic circuit board that constantly keeps an eye on the pump. The innovative self-staring feature blocks air build-up inside the system. The creators have made sure to include all the necessary pipe works and fittings to allow simple plug and play.Fx6’s impeccable technology constantly monitors the impeller speed and force to ensure strong functionality.

For best filtration efficiency, the powerful pump pauses and evacuates trapped air during its 12 hour cycle. The compact height of 21” makes it an easy fit under most aquariums.


The next generation super capacity canister Fluval canister filter processes 563 gallons of water per hour. Despite of the mindboggling capacity, it fits under most large aquariums like a breeze.Fx6 is an elegant combination of hi-tech features and excellent reliability.

Unlike average filters, Fx6 canister filter does its operation without snoring like a little monster. The precision-engineered Bearing regulates the impeller vibration. Another feature worth shouting for is the adjustable multidirectional output nozzle to create desirable water flow. In the same way the special AquaStop valve allows you to stop the water with a simple 90 degree turn of the valve lever.

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My Views – Is it the Best Canister Filter?

If you’re ready to cough 300 dollars on this amazing filter, I guarantee this will be your best 300 dollars purchase ever. Fish hobbyist like you and I always try to provide the best environment for our little ones. A powerful filter with such a stellar capacity is rare to find. So, it’s definitely one of the best aquarium filters out there. I hope I’ve been able clear all your queries about this product in my review and you’ve by now decided whether to buy or skip it.

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