Reviews of 50 Gallon Aquariums You Can Buy Now

SeaClear 50-gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

If you like SeaClear, but their 40-gallon acrylic aquarium doesn’t cut it for you, then you’re in luck – SeaClear offers the same kit, but now with a 50-gallon capacity. The tank is made of acrylic, as before, which is a very sturdy and long-lasting material. It is scratch proof and very resistant to physical trauma.

Also, because of the nature of acrylic, the aquarium retains more heat, making this product prime for tropical fish. Just like with their smaller product, the aquarium comes with its own hood and a lamp, but they’re not highest quality, so you may have to look for a replacement.

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SC Aquariums 50-gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium

If you want to set up a reef habitat for your underwater friend, then look no further than SCA Starfire. This amazing 50-gallon tank is made specifically for saltwater and saltwater marine life. The tank features a simple cube design and is lovingly made of top-notch tempered glass.

Of course, this is a kit, and SCA will provide everything you need to get started with your aquarium. You will receive the SCA-301 skimmer and the Atmen PH2500 return pump. You will also get the Durso Stand Pipe, Return T pipe and all the necessary bulkheads and tubing. The only things you need to provide are the fish and the gravel.

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AquaCustom 50-gallon Shadow Box Aquarium

For those looking to get something fancy for their freshwater fish, the AquaCustom 50-gallon aquarium is a perfect choice. It is expensive, yes, but its build quality and design are nearly matchless. Made of impact resistant acrylic, this aquarium is nearly indestructible.

Not only that, but the aquarium has a very stylish design, and is set upon a brilliant stand that houses the filters and other processes that make this aquarium a true piece of art. With strategically placed LED lights, your fish will be presented in their utter beauty, and the whole show is sure to wow your viewers.

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An Unbiased Review of the Marina LED 20 gallon Aquarium Kit

Getting started with fish keeping is a lot more complicated than you think. There are many factors that you need to consider when you want to keep fish, starting from the species of fish themselves, to the pH levels and the temperature of the water. In short, you can’t just pour water in your tank and slap the fish in and call it a day.

If you’re looking to start with fish keeping, then you should definitely consider the Marina LED 20-gallon Aquarium kit. Dubbed as one of the best aquariums by both aquarists and customers, this entry level kit is inexpensive, reliable and just overall awesome.

Design and Features

As far as design goes, Marina LED 20-gallon tank is very simple. It has a simple rectangle shape, so nothing extravagant. However, due to its simple shape, and relatively small volume, this tank is splendid for home or office environments. Its simple design saves space and is none too obtrusive, so it won’t jump out at you and break your feng shui, or disrupt your work.

The Marina LED 20 gallon aquarium is still beautiful and captivating in its own right. This is all thanks to a little clever and strategic lighting. The hood that you will receive with the aquarium is fitted with a neon bulb that is not too bright so as not to disturb the fish, but is bright enough to show them in their best colors. The bulb creates just enough lumens to imitate the sunshine, and your fish will certainly enjoy it, especially if you keep saltwater species. The hood is also top-notch and provides a nice and wide opening for you to feed your fish through. That being said, the lid closes nicely and quietly, again not to disturb and scare the fish, which is a problem on many aquariums.

And while on the topic of saltwater, it is important to state that not all aquariums are made to hold this kind of water. The problem is that the glass oxidizes, and it weakens over time. This problem can be bypassed by using acrylic in the construction, which is more resistant to the oxidization process. Be that as it may, acrylic is a more expensive alternative, so many manufacturers stick with glass.

Our product too is made of glass, but this shouldn’t raise concerns – Marina is well aware of the problem glass faces, so they coated the inside with a special substance that will stop the oxidization process, and protect the structural integrity of the glass. The glass is tempered too, so it will be more scratch resistant and be able to withstand more pressure and more physical trauma. Still, you should not try to drill the glass (if you want, for example, to install some accessories), as tempered glass shatters if its structural integrity is compromised.

Now let’s move on to water treatment, and the capabilities of this aquarium to create a safe habitat for your fish. Everybody knows that you can’t put the fish in tap water. The chemicals used to treat water used by humans are much too dangerous for small fish. The chlorine and the sediment too, along with the presence of arsenic and lead (these are dangerous for humans too, and that’s why we have water filters) are deadly for the fish. The bacteria that may be present in the tap water is very dangerous for the fish, as they can contract many diseases from it.

The way Marina combats these problems is that they will give you a Slim S20 clip-on filter, along with Aqua Plus Water Conditioner and a Cycle Biological Supplement with your purchase. The Slim S20 clip-on filter is very powerful and very efficient at removing all the alkaline residues and chlorides. But the entire thing is very quiet and creates as soft a vibration as possible, so as not to disturb the fish (angelfish especially are sensitive to disturbances and will get nervous). Also, the best part of the filter is that it is small, so it won’t take much space at all.

As for the Conditioner and the Supplement, they will make sure your water is suitable for marine and freshwater life. Like we said already, fish can’t survive in tap water, and the supplements will ensure that the water is more akin to the fish’s natural habitat.

Lastly, we would like to examine the price and the overall value of the product. At the time of this post, the price tag on Amazon shows to be still in the double digits. In our opinion, this is a very fine and balanced price for such an outstanding aquarium and such an outstanding kit. Indeed, Marina LED 20-gallon Aquarium kit offers amazing value to the buyers. Between the sturdy construction of the aquarium, its universal design and the supplements and filter you’ll be receiving, the entire thing is well worth the money you’ll be paying for it. In fact, the kit is less expensive than Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium kit, which is also outstanding, that has similar characteristics, making the Marina a better choice.

All in all, this is an outstanding beginner’s kit. It is fairly inexpensive and offers amazing value for the money. Everybody loves it, from the absolute beginners to pros, and you should definitely give it a look.


Well, there you have it, all you need to know about Marina LED 20-gallon aquarium kit. To reiterate the last statement, the aquarium is a brilliant combination of efficiency, design, sturdiness and value. Combined with the filter and supplements, the kit is prime and ready to take in any kind of marine and freshwater life. The tempered glass is scratch resistant, and very strong, making it excellent for busy households with children or pets.

Lastly, the lighting in the aquarium is very well thought out, and will provide the aquarium with just the perfect amount of light – not enough to be obtrusive and distracting, but just enough to show off the beautiful and colorful scales of your fish. In our mind, the tank is excellent, and any fish lover should check it out.

Review of Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

If an aquarium is the thing you want, then Marineland is the manufacturer to turn to. The Marineland ML90609 aquarium is one of the best on the market, with fish lovers basically swearing by it. Either for in home or in office, this outstanding aquarium is always in tune with the setting and the overall atmosphere of the place it’s been put in.

If you’re thinking about getting this aquarium, and you don’t know anything about it, you may want to stick around, and listen to what we’ve got to tell you in this here Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit.

Design and features

First off, let’s just agree upon one thing – ML90609 (now known simply as ML in the text) is one sleek-looking aquarium. What immediately strikes the observer is how well-designed and how insightfully designed this aquarium is.

The distinct advantage of the ML is its portrait orientation. This makes the aquarium much more compact, allowing it to fit into much smaller places, but still retain a decent volume. As we all know, the volume is important for the fish, as they will grow increasingly dissatisfied and even aggressive in confined spaces. This, for example, goes especially for betta fish. The males are extremely territorial and will attack and kill other males. So, a bigger aquarium is a necessity, if you’re going to keep them, and the fact is that many people do keep this species of fish.

The overall volume of the aquarium is 5 gallons. This volume should be enough for about 1 betta and a few other compatible fish. The size, or course, is always related to the species of fish you’re keeping, and we strongly advise you check the requirements, the biology and the behavior patterns of your pets to ensure you’re giving them a pleasurable habitat to live in.

The entire aquarium is made of very high-end glass. This glass is crystal clear, but very thick and sturdy. That being said, it makes the aquarium quite hefty even without the water in it, but it is, in our minds, a great trade-off, considering how resistant this glass is to damage.

The aquarium boasts a standard rectangular shape, but with nice curved edges. These edges are much appreciated, as one of our writers here says, because they will help with carrying the thing (the poor soul had to carry it up to the third floor). It also makes the edges protrude less, and reduce the risk of you, or somebody else, catching it and knocking it over.

On that note, the weight of the aquarium is of great help, and it is very hard to move the thing when filled with water. The fact is even more impressive as the stand upon the aquarium stands is just plastic, and is not coated in rubber or anything that would prevent slippage. Yet, the aquarium stands, as if bolted down.

Another great feature this aquarium offers are the LED lights. The lights come with a 3-position switch and 2 modes of operation. Of course, one of the positions is to turn the lights off, but the other two create an excellent ambiance for both the fish to frolic in, and for you to watch them frolic. The lights can be set to blue and white, which does an excellent job at mimicking the refraction of sunlight in the water, creating tropical colors that your fish will greatly enjoy (if you’re keeping tropical fish, of course). The other setting creates a wonderful blue-hued light which is amazing at replicating moonshine, giving the aquarium a very serene nighttime feel.

Overall, this is a very likable aquarium. In fact, it is an awesome aquarium! With great LED lights, the entire thing will greatly pop up, and its beauty is made safe thanks to its weight and sturdy design.

Filtration system

There is another feature to the aquarium, but this time, we have mixed feelings. The entire filtration system is placed in the back of the aquarium. In this way, the filter is hidden from view, allowing the one looking at the aquarium to really concentrate on the entire scene. However, when cleaning time comes, you might experience a great deal of trouble, as you have to reach behind the aquarium, which will require you to move the entire thing, which will be tricky because of the aquarium’s weight.  So it might be wise to give a little space behind the aquarium when deciding where to put it.

Of course, no tank can go without a filtration system. Marineland has made some great adjustments to their filtration system which makes it worth our while to write about.

The filter for this whole setup is the Marineland’s very own 3-stage Rite-Size Z Cartridge filter. Fish produce waste, and the water needs cleaning constantly to ensure the safety and the health of your fish. Unfiltered tanks are the perfect kind of environment for the development of bacteria and fungi, especially if you intend to keep tropical fish like bettas, as you will probably use water at a higher temperature. This may result in the development of fish diseases like fin rot that can be, if not deadly, then severely traumatic for your fish.

The way Rite-Size Z Cartridge works is that it pulls the water through carbon micro-cracks. Carbon is an element often used when filtration is required, because of its ability to hold down to any particles due to its mesh-like molecular structure, but let the water through. The filter is made to ensure that the water comes into contact with the largest surface possible, to ensure the extraction of harmful elements in the water.

You will also receive the Marine Bio-foam. This Bio-foam further increases the effectiveness of the filter. The filtration needs to happen in 3 separate stages, as we mentioned before – mechanical, chemical and biological. While the Rite-Size Z Cartridge performs the mechanical part of the filtration process, the Bio-foam handles the chemical and biological stages. The foam extracts the harmful chemicals that might already be in the water, and removes the chemicals that made its way into the water by the way of fish excrement.

Bottom Line

What more can be said about this outstanding tank? Such a combination of elegance, sturdiness, and efficiency is worthy of every praise, and the Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium is any fish lover’s dream. So, if you weren’t convinced about it before, we hope this article convinced you, and that your fish will soon enjoy an amazing new home.


Review of SeaClear 40-gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

If you boast a larger collection of fish, or you possess a larger individual fish, then you might consider getting a bigger tank. Well, if that is so, then let us present to you the SeaClear 40-gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set. This aquarium is one of the best large tanks (one of the best 40-galloners, we should say), and is definitely worth checking out.

If you are indecisive about which aquarium to get, then we might be able to help. The following article is a short review of the SeaClear, and it will, hopefully, teach you something about the aquarium, and make the decision less difficult.

Design and Features

Like we said, and like it says in the title, this is a 40-gallon tank. We’ve done reviews of quite a few 5-gallons aquariums, so it might be a little hard to grasp just how big this aquarium is. In fact, many people become intimidated when they see the 40 in the title, and think that this is a huge, lumbering object made of glass, and that it will be inhumanely heavy.

However, if you were to think that, you’d be wrong. 40 gallon aquariums are actually medium sized, and their larger 50 gallon aquariums carry some serous weight and overall size. In fact, 40 gallon aquariums are quite fitting for regular sized living rooms, and slightly larger offices, and even lobbies. Such aquariums are perfect for tropical fish and recreation of reefs and other reef marine life.

On the other note, this aquarium is not made of glass, but acrylic (again, in the title). Acrylic is much lighter, but much tougher than glass. This, in turn, does a great bit of merit to the aquarium itself, as it makes it more manageable. Not only that, but the aquarium is much less prone to breaking (which would be a REALLY bad thing with 40 gallons of water), making it an excellent choice if you want to expand, but are worried because you’ve got unruly kids, or, worse, pets.

Another great thing about the acrylic is that it retains heat much better than glass. Glass does not hold much energy, and dissipates it over its surface. Acrylic keeps the heat trapped and stationary. This, on the other hand, further reinforces the fact that this aquarium is perfect for schools of tropical fish. If, for example, you’ve got bettas (and many people do, they’re very popular) you must know that the males are very territorial. If kept in a confined space, the males will start lashing out on each other, and will attempt to kill one another. In this sense, SeaClear is very good for bettas, because it presents a nice and warm habitat for them to live in, and a large enough space not to have them at each other’s throats.

As far as the shape and the design of the aquarium is concerned, SeaClear is very simple. It is a standard acrylic rectangle. However, we wish it had rounded edges. SeaClear has standard edges, and these edges can be caught by people passing. Naturally, it will be very hard to move a 40 gallon tank, but it could lead to structural trauma that could stack and create micro-cracks until one day the whole thing breaks. Again, the acrylic construction is there to prevent that from happening, but we would still like a bit more reassurance, because 40 gallons of water on your apartment floor is quite a big deal.

This being a combo set grants you access to a free hood and a lamp that come with it. However, we must say that neither are entirely satisfactory in any way, and that you may be better off without them. If you have your own hood, pray use it, and a couple of LED lights will be both prettier and more energy efficient than the power guzzler that the manufacturer has provided with the purchase.

Lastly, we have to say something about the warranty. SeaClear are very confident in their product. For that, they included a very extensive warranty that covers both the aquarium and the other parts. In our thinking, this is a great way to show off your product and to gain the customers’ trust. And indeed, the aquarium is quite as good as they make it out to be, and anyone buying it will scarcely regret it.

Overall, SeaClear aquarium is one of the best products in its class. It is simple, but elegant, beautiful in its own simplicity. But more importantly, it is sturdy and extremely resistant to trauma because of its acrylic construction. That being said, the acrylic also makes this aquarium one of the best habitats for tropical fish and reef mini ecosystems.

One final note, before we wrap the article up, and it concerns the price of the item. SeaClear may offer one of the highest quality products, but their aquarium doesn’t come as cheap either. This is one of the pricier aquariums of its size. Even so, considering the quality of the product, it is okay to state that the price is very fair.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, that’s all you need to know about the SeaClear 40-gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set. It doesn’t come at the most nominal price, but its value is pretty high, so we can’t argue with the manufacturer. Of course, there are some things we don’t like about it, mainly the lamp and the hood, and we think that you could do well without them, but, hey, free’s free. Again, we can’t stress enough the quality and the sturdiness of the acrylic, and if there is one reason why you should get this tank, this is it.

All in all, this is a nice product, and we are sure you will like it. It is not too intrusive, but it is still prominent, in a kind of elegant and non-obtrusive way. For anyone looking for a quality 40-galloner, this is the one you need.


Review of the EcoQubeC Aquarium

The EcoQubeC is a very innovative and an outstanding piece of equipment. Indeed, EcoQubeC is one of the rare aquariums that uses this particular system. However, the idea of a self-cleaning fish tank isn’t a novel one. There have been many similar aquariums on the market that used a plant to cleanse the water, some of them very popular too. So, what makes this EcoQubeC’s filter special?

Honestly, nothing. Like we said, this is not a novel idea, and many more aquariums use the self-sustaining system. Moreover, EcoQubeC is a Kickstarter project, and, even though it met its fund goal, and even though its creators delivered on the product, I must remind you that bigger companies have a better grip on such a system, as they are more experienced.

However, EcoQubeC has something they don’t, and that is personality. EcoQubeC is not a mass-produced aquarium. In a sense, it has its own soul, and was crafted carefully and inspected thoroughly. This is what sets it apart from other products of its kind.

But, now we have another question – does it work, and, if it does, how does it work? To answer the first question, I have to answer the second question first, for the sake of reference.

The main thing about the EcoQubeC, the main principle upon which this aquarium (rather, its filter) operates is that there is a plant that purifies the water. When fish in the tank produce waste, it is the job of the filter to clean that waste out, so as to avoid things like fin rot. The waste the fish produce are rich in nitrates, but those nitrates are actually a very important food source for the plant, which is why there are so many fertilizers that use them.

The plants pick up the nitrates and convert them into food. The plant grows, and, as a result, needs even more food, so it absorbs the nitrates even more efficiently. This leads, ultimately, to 90% water use reduction, and 50% energy use reduction. Essentially, what the creators of EcoQubeC suggest is that this system will get more and more efficient over time, and save you a lot of worries about changing the water and cleaning the filter.

Now for the first question – does the system work? Well, I don’t know. And I’m not saying out of my own ignorance, but nobody actually knows if this system is really as efficient and as great as they say it is.

The main problem is that there is no actual proof that the plants can extract enough nitrate to make the water clean. I mean, you could try it out, and see how efficient the system really is, but I bet you wouldn’t rather sacrifice your precious pets in the name of science. Also, like I said, there are other, more noteworthy companies that produce the same system, and they are bound to have more experience.

So, my suggestion is – don’t overly trust the system. Change the water like you normally would, to ensure that your fish are living in pristine conditions.

As for other traits, this aquarium is pretty compact. As such, it might not be as good for large schools of fish, and this goes especially for tropical fish. If you’re planning on keeping bettas in it, try not to have more than one male in the tank. Like I said in a previous article, these fish are very territorial and will attack one another.

But the compact size of the aquarium is actually very appealing. The simple cubic design, coupled with clear and sturdy glass and the plant on top, is very aesthetically pleasing. The tank is very suitable for desktops and offices. It will go well with a bland working environment, as it will represent a neat and refreshing detail, while being none too intrusive, and not breaking the overall flow of the room.

But the aquarium doesn’t stop there. It also features a set of very bright but very efficient LED lights. If you really want to wow the audience, and really make your fishes shine, these LEDs will make quite a show. They will be most prominent in a darker setting, and your guests for dinner will have a really fun time examining all the colorful underwater little critters inside.

In addition to the design, the aquarium is very therapeutic. The sound of running water and watching the fish swimming slowly around is very calming. If you’re at work and having trouble concentrating, having this tank is more than a welcome addition, and it will help calm your thoughts and help you collect yourself.

So, what’s the final verdict for EcoQubeC? Overall, I think this is a very nice little fish tank. I mean, the system is not exactly surefire, but I think this is a side matter. The aquarium is very pleasing to the eye, and its compactness is very useful if you’re having trouble with space. The self-cleaning aquarium system may even contribute and come through on its promise of decreasing your water and power expenditure, but, like I said above, don’t rely on it completely. In addition, the plant on top serving as the main drive behind the filter will not be an excess in any way, but a really nice addition.

All in all, EcoQubeC is an aquarium to have if you’re a little braver than most. If you don’t trust all the nature talk, then I suggest you go for a classic one. For those looking for something more eco-friendly, as well as something with a little bit more personality, you will find that EcoQubeC is just according to your liking.

Finally, I’ll put a list of pros and cons for you of little patience. It will still benefit you more to read the whole article and get to know the aquarium a little better, but I’ll try to summarize it for you here.

  • A very aesthetically pleasing aquarium.
  • A very sturdy and damage resilient construction.
  • EcoQubeC goes very well with office décor due to its compactness and overall appeal.
  • The self-sustaining system promises you more efficiency when it comes to water and power expenditure.
  • This is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food, which guarantees less hustle with maintenance.
  • The aquarium features very bright LED lights that increase the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium and add a little flare to it.
  • The system is not proven to be as efficient as it is stated; it may be, but no one knows for certain.
  • The aquarium, though suited for keeping tropical fish, is not suited for keeping a large number of them (about 3 or 4 max).
  • It is not recommended you keep more than one male betta fish in the aquarium.

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Review of GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit

Enjoy undisrupted, panoramic view of underwater life from the curved front of GloFish 29045 Aquarium made from clear plastic. I’ve always desired to get a large 75 gallon fish tank for my precious sea buddies, but the limited space in my condominium never allowed for it. The 5 gallon GloFish tank is an all-in-one kit. The easily detachable LED lights produce pleasant daylight and nightlife effect. I decided to go with this particular model because it provides sufficient room for small Glo fishes or a betta to saunter comfortably, without jamming up the walking space for the passerby.

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Product Specifications

The clear plastic canopy design with a black base features a motor-driven Tetra Whisper internal filter. With the powerful micro filter, you’ll additionally get a medium Whisper Bio-Bag cartridge for enhanced water hygiene and a user’s manual as well. The Whisper internal filter is passable. I’ve always been a bit picky about the filters so I opted out for a different filter which was really easy to add to the unit.

There are two different slots, one for the Bio-Carb and another for the Bio-Clear Cartridge. Bio-Carb treats the tropical fishes whereas the latter targets the Glo fishes. The special Bio-Bag cartridge helps to shell out plastic residue from the water. It also heightens the level of oxygen in the water. Since all the Glo fishes are tropical water species, buying 16 packs of cartridges would be more than enough. Replace the cartridges once in a week to keep the number good bacteria intact.

The primary material used in building the body of the tank is acrylic. On top of the appealing semi-circular constitution, there’s a feeding hole to provide convenient access to the interior. Total 16, 0.96 watts blue LED bulbs are fitted to the tank. The fluorescent, light emitting diodes set against the plastic canopy panels highlight the vivacious Glo-fishes and décors on the substrata, creating a breathtakingly beautiful background for the tank.

Whether you need a heater or not solely depend on the fish you’re housing in the tank. Getting a heater incorporated during the cold season ensures your pals are safe and comfortable. To regulate the level of chlorine in the water, purchase a water dechlorinator that does the job perfectly.

Assembling the Parts

Begin with filling the tank with dechlorinated water. Take one bag of gravel along the plants of choice and wash them thoroughly before adding to the aquarium. Set-up the water filter and heater on the back side. Turn the filter on and let it run for a day to cycle the water. To measure the pH level and temperature, test the water with an API test strip. If the pH is too high, you can easily reduce it to normal with the help of a pH stabilizer. Once everything falls into places, add the fishes.

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The Bottom Line

GloFish 29045 Aquarium kit with Blue LED Light is a wonderful tank, ideal for decorating kids’ rooms, offices and condominiums. The 5 gallon tank nicely accommodates vibrant Glo fishes or a single male betta. Surprise your child by gifting this tiny piece of art on his birthday and let him explore the mystically enchanting world of fishes. Set aside the convenient integration of the parts, the kit also allows an effortless maintenance of the aquarium.

SeaClear 50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Review


Acrylic Aquariums from SeaClear are clearly setting a new trend of lightweight yet break-proof aquariums in the world of pet accessories. For the seasoned aquarists who prefer quality over quantity anyday, SeaClear 50 gal. Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is an ideal kit.

Acrylic is said to be 17 times stronger than glass, its terrific impact resistance quality and minimal weight make it a highly durable and safe alternative to glass around pets and children. Not only that, this added strength of acrylic-made aquariums has also made possible the making of aquariums of unconventional shapes and sizes, like bow front aquariums. Hence, the increasing demand for acrylic aquariums over traditional glass tanks. The product, within a few months of its launch, became one of the best selling models of SeaClear.

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Evaluation of Features

SeaClear Acrylic Rectangular fish tanks are offered in three standard designs- Regular, Show and Tall. Made from the finest acrylic, SeaClear Aquarium is manned with invisible seams which are chemically bonded to prevent leaks and breakage. The wonderful pre-plumbed wet/dry filtration system allows custom modification in the filtration system as per the need.

Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater, SeaClear Aquarium combo set a complete package stacked with all the integral accessories needed for fish-keeping. The aquarium measures around 36 x 15 x 20 and comes in two distinct hues-black and cobalt blue.

The rectangular tank comprises of 24 inches fluorescent light fixtures, a back filter, a heater and one convenient hole for feeding and an air-injection nozzle. Including add-on accessories will require some drilling work on the tank. Despite the massive size, this 50 gallon tank has only half the weight of a glass tank of the same size.

Acrylic has an incredible ability to resist impact, stays guarded against cracking or chipping for years to come. It’s 4% clearer and almost 20% better at heat insulating than its glass counterpart. Not just various types of fishes like Cichlids, Goldfishes and Bettas, you can use this tank to house reptiles, guinea pigs and turtles as well. The crystal clear display provides a peerless view of the tranquil sea-life from all angles.

The background of the tank is painted blue. Add a couple of bright LED bulbs to the exterior to create a soothing nightlife effect. The top opening gives easy access to the interior for cleaning purpose. The tank also provides extra space for additional implements like protein skimmer to filter the wastage and food particles from the water, ensuring optimal hygiene for the members living inside.

The 350 gph submersible pump incorporated in the unit is nothing extraordinary but performs its designated job promptly. The set-up procedure nothing fancy, thanks to the ready-to-use filtration system. You’ll be supplied with a black hood to fit the fluorescent bulbs to the compatible fixtures.

The 4 way adjustable skimmer gate is an interesting feature that stops the fishes from entering the filter. The Bio Air Drip tray evenly spreads water over the biological filtration system to enhance aeration. The uniquely designed biological media adds novelty to the design.

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Possible Cons

The combo set offers only a couple of fluorescent lights which don’t provide sufficient light to grow algae and corals. The issue can be quickly resolved by alternating them with LEDs. Another glitch I noticed in the product on the size of the top cover. It should provide some more space for easier access to the inside.


SeaClear 50 gal. Acrylic Aquarium Set is an asset you’ll treasure for life. With the right care, the tank can last you for a lifetime and I’m not exaggerating. It was accidentally dropped by me twice in two years but I couldn’t spot a single crack on the surface! Well worth the money, I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a sturdier option than traditional glass aquariums.

An Unbiased Review of EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem is a replica of the paramount, peaceful, serene world of aquatic creatures like shrimp, algae and bacteria encased in a glass bowl. The Large Sphere I own contained a few layers of white stones and shells. Purchasing a regular fish tank is much more than just getting hold of one. You’ve to get the lightings, décor, and fishes, cycle the water, periodically clean the aquarium and regularly feed the fishes. EcoSphere, as you might well be aware of, is a self-sustaining system. It means you just place atop a desk and let nature take its course inside the glass sphere. Made from hand blown glass, EcoSphere ecosystem only requires an artificial or indirect source of light to sustain itself.

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Product Features

The completely enclosed world of active micro-organism, submerged in filtered sea-water, is built from a very special hand blown glass which adds a dash of sublimity to the appearance. Even though “no maintenance required” is the most striking promotional tagline of the product, in reality, in does require a wee bit of care. Living micro-organisms will eventually form film inside of the glass. While it’s not a threat to the marine life inside, it does make the bowl look untidy. The solution is the magnets installed in the unit. With the help of the magnets provided with the manual, drag the film away in minutes without relocating the shrimps elsewhere.

EcoSphere ecosystem

The lights need to be supplied correctly to boost the proper growth of organisms.the algae need sufficient light to grow in size. The shrimps feed on these algae. In turn, shrimps breath oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide and excrete waste which are broken down and converted into nutrients by the bacteria for the algae. The algae live on the carbon dioxide and light converts oxygen for the shrimp to breathe. Now it must be clear why adequate lighting is so integral for the sustenance of the ecosystem. Apart from an indirect (natural or artificial) source of light, the sphere also needs to be kept in room temperature.


A fully enclosed ecosystem in the form of a miniature sea-world is a not only a huge scientific breakthrough, it’s an enviable blend of contemporary art and advanced technology, providing a useful insight of the interdependence of animal and plant life. It’s probably one of the easiest to maintain fish bowl in the world. By observing the mechanism of underwater life in its most natural form, you can learn a lot about how ecosystems actually work. It’ll be a great idea to gift it to a child to boost his interest in science.

The sphere contains gravels, plants, algae and live marine shrimps. There’s absolutely no need to feeding the shrimps. Leave food, you won’t even have to change or filter the water. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Systems comes in 8 different dimensions, each has a limited period replacement policy.


Glass is a fragile material. Be sure to place the bowl in a safe spot, away from the reach of children.

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My Views

I can go on days looking at the soothing, playful activities of the shrimps, meditative beauty of the decors and never get enough of it. EcoSphere is an innovation far ahead of its time. It feels downright silly to even comment on how good the features are. It’s one of those best things in life that can be bought with money. Turn off the lights, tune into some soulful, soft music and keep staring at the bowl for hours to get yourself in a trance state.

An In-depth Review of Coralife Biocube Aquarium

Coralife Biocube

A true-blue aquarium-hobbyist never gets enough of the serenity lingering thousands kilometer beneath the substrata on which we live. Coralife Biocube is a complete aquarium package, suitable for both saline and freshwater marine creatures. This fish tank, braided with manifold advanced features and a sleek design, is a great tank to begin with your venture into the pristine world of nano-reef tanks. Biocube tanks are way different from the ordinary tanks that fail to take the extreme load of live rock and sand. Studded with bright white and lunar blue LEDs, Coralife Biocube beautifully captures and encapsulates coral reef system in a miniature form.

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Coralife Biocube – Between the Line Analysis

Coralife Biocube comes in various sizes. The 29 gallon model is an easy-to-handle tank for the newbies. This all-in-one system weighs around 53.1 pounds and combines all the key features of a coral-reef tank including a light filter, a filter pump, a sump tank LED light bulbs and many more. The newly enhanced models have gone through some improvisations on performance and overall function.

The contemporary hinge-top canopy design contains a four-button control system and separate bars for daylight, actinic and LED bulbs. The upgraded cooling system is a nice, little addition to maintain a right temperature of the unit. The most unique part of the tank, however, is the 3 rear chambers. The middle chamber is a vast refugium. It is the place where living organisms live and grow algae. This chamber has visible glass back panel, meant for placing LED bulbs with the help of suction cups. Chamber one holds a heater and a filter bag of phoslock. The last chamber contains the water pump.

The excellent filter system with attached cooling fans does its job without making disturbing grunting noises. The submersible pump has a stellar flow rate of 180 gph, resulting in better water circulation and filter performance. Modular LEDs added in the aquarium not only highlight the stunning, vibrant colour of corals, but also help in growing SPS, LPS and seldom, soft corals. If you wish to experiment a step further with lighting, purchase additional LED retrofit kits to bedeck the hood of the tank.

Although it’s an all-incorporated aquarium kit, if you have extra cash in hand, I’d recommend to buy a couple of additional equipment like a protein skimmer, basically used for sieving out fish droppings and uneaten foods from the water. The sump tank, located beneath the main glass display, improves the water volume. Get a UV sterilizer to take out excess algae from the water .after all the preparation is done, start making layers of live rocks and live sand. Then pour the water and start the tank! Please make note, before putting fishes in the tank, cycle the water for about a week.


  • Compact, well-built, has 3 separate chambers to store different parts of the tank.
  • In the second chamber, you can use stock bioballs to create wet or dry filtration system, according to your preference.
  • Hinge-top canopy design.
  • Adding accessories is convenient, thanks to the easily removable top.
  • Back chamber for fitting protein skimmer and filter floss.


  • Some reviewers have complained that the lighting system turns heated despite the cooling system.
  • Hard to clean the back chambers.

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My View

Coralife Biocube is an awesome fish tank to experiment with if you lack prior acquaintance with reef tanks. Equipped with excellent decor, minimalist design and enviable features, Coralife has once again proved its mettle. Even though the product costs slightly higher than most of the run-of-the-mill aquariums you’ll find in the market, but that has hardly ever affected the market value of Biocube fish tanks.

Review of Marineland PC0350C Magnum 350 Canister Filter

Marineland PC0350C

Taking care of fishes and fish tanks is a challenging task for even the most experienced aquarists. The filtration system is the most vital part of any fish tank. Fish droppings, rotten leaves, excess food, dirt, bacteria, fungi etc contaminate the water. The filter removes all the impurities from it and replaces it with fresh and healthy water.

Marineland PC0350C DualPurpose Canister Filter, Magnum 350 is one of the highest selling models of the leading company. It’s been almost 10 years I’ve been using this in my aquarium and still going strong. In case you too are planning to own one but somewhat skeptic about its credibility, follow this article carefully as I try to explain how this product works and how much it’s worth your money through a detailed analysis.

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Technical Details

The 9.1 Pounds heavy Marineland PC0350C DualPurpose Canister Filter is exclusively crafted for 100 gallon fish tanks. The strongest feature of the device is certainly its one-of-a-kind filter with dual purpose filtration capacity. It means the system holds the power and capacity of two filters. This filter output of this model is 350 GPH which is a freaking lot for a 100 gallon fish tank. The amazing filter easily transforms into a quick-clean micron water polishing filter from a regular duty mechanical/chemical filtration unit.


The Marineland PC0350C Dual Purpose Canister Filter is a top-of-the-line canister filter that is suitable for both fresh water and saline water aquariums. Best canister filters like this one are much sought after by fish lovers for their high quality mechanical, chemical and biological filtration properties. The patented flow of design and self-priming, bottom mounted colour gives the Magnum 350 a unique profile. Since it can quickly convert from an ordinary mechanical cum chemical utility filtration to a superb water polishing filter, it can be used as an effective implement for both purpose (thus the name “Dual Purpose Canister Filter” is justified)

The versatile Magnums come in a complete set of a Carbon Media Container and a Water Polishing Micron Cartridge. What really impressed me a lot is its availability with or without Bio-wheel wet/dry filtration. This saves you the additional cost of purchasing an implement you don’t need. You won’t find this option with any other product.

The mechanism of Magnum 350 is simple. The filter channels the water out of the aquarium by pushing it through the filter media placed at the heart of the device. At the end of the process, all the impure foreign substances are eliminated from the water.

The latest model of Marineland PC0350C has been improvised with an advanced motor technology for great water flow. The filtration system uses the entire aquarium volume to empower the filtration. Strong magnets are used to spin the propeller and prevent the seal from leaking when you pull the device up from its base.

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Marineland PC0350C beyond anything else is highly durable and reliable. It’s almost crazy not to fall in love with a filter that performs both water polishing and filtration with enigmatic precision. Most customers who reviewed the product on Amazon have given overwhelming response on its performance and rightly so.